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New Students Only – Ends August 31/18

We just need a little info from you before you get going. Thanks for joining us to get your free week and start up your practice. You will be prompted into our Mind Body Online Scheduler to create a new student profile – this means you are completely NEW to Samatva Yoga and want to see what we are all about.

Get Your FREE Week

Prana Pass Intoductory Month ($39 in studio – $30 online) may be purchased during your 7 day trial only and will activate on your next class following your free week. Thank you for making sure you qualify. Valid at all Samatva Yoga locations for drop-in schedules.  Offer/pass will automatically expire August 31, 2108.  Duplicate client accounts with alternate emails will not be permitted.

New Students

We offer 3 ways to begin as new students to Samatva + yoga in general. 

  • 2-Hour Yoga 101 | $25  In this crash course students get a proper intro to the 8-limbs of yoga and the philosophy of the studios. Bring any concerns, questions or injuries you are working with and let us ease you into the proper practice for you!
  • Beginner Foundations Series | $99-145   Over 6 weeks, we will help you to gain insight for easing into your practice by learning the foundations of breath, body & yogic philosophy. 
  • Introductory Month | $39  30 Days of Unlimited drop-in classes.

Introductory Month
Prana Pass $39

$30 Online

All new students – and yes, we are all students of life! – enjoy the opportunity to try our Introductory Month Prana Pass. If you haven’t already, please be sure to take advantage here:

Begin Your Journey

What the asana?


I have NEVER done yoga before or I have not done yoga since 1992, or I’m scared… where should I begin?

We teach all of our classes to all levels; if you can get up and down from the floor unassisted then our group classes are accessible to you. So if the only time that works for you is noon on Tuesday, then go to that class, and know that everyone feels awkward at first. Also know this: no one is watching you (besides the teacher so he/she can help and assist you); each practitioner is dealing with their own challenges on their own mat. All of that said, there are some classes that tend to be less intimidating at first. These are: Peace, Yin, Yin + Yang, Restore and Luna Flow classes. If a class is listed as Experience is a Plus, it would likely not be the most fun hour of your life if you are brand new, but otherwise, just get to the studio and let us handle it from there!

What should I wear?

Pretty much whatever you would wear to work out in, or maybe sleep in (ever notice how much yoga clothes look like jammies?). Here are a few hints: we hang upside down a bunch, so loose fitting t-shirts can lead to wardrobe malfunctions. Walmart tights are not as opaque as you might think. In hot classes, wet cotton can get heavy/bind, so we ask that you take this into consideration and look for moisture wicking fabrics.

Do I need to pre-register for classes?

Probably not if it a drop in, but it seems the studio norm that people what to know they have there spot guaranteed.  Our studios only fit roughly 30 yogis, so it is possible we could have to turn someone away.. That said, it is a super-big help if you do pre-register because then we have an idea of how many students are attending and can set up the room to accommodate. Pre-registration IS required for special classes and workshops, they may be cancelled if you don’t! —so let us know you are coming!

Class attendance + online reservations

Though you can sign up for classes online, you must ALWAYS check-in at the desk before 10 minutes before class begins otherwise you will be marked as a “late cancel” and you reservation released. All “late cancels” are subject to a $5 fee/class pass deduction for each occurrence and settled before next class. Samatva Yoga reserves the right to refuse online sign-ups at our discretion. We only allow 50% of class space to be reserved online in advance so we always have room from walk-ins. Class reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance and you can remove yourself via your MBO account up to 1 hour before class starts. No class reservations/cancellation via email or phone. Our system automatically processes accounts in arrears every 30 days to your card on file.

Do you rent mats or sell bottles of water.

We have $1 loaner mats, $2 towels and complimentary filtered water and teas.

Are you a hot yoga studio?

We do BOTH. We are an interdisciplinary studio that believes there are many paths to the same destination.  It’s great to learn the benefits of all ways.

My shoulder, knee, back, ego is killing me. Can yoga help?

Heck yeah!! But here’s the deal, depending on your injury you might want to begin with a private lesson. We are happy to meet with you one-on-one to help modify the practice for you. Then, you can return to regular group classes with an understanding of how modifying the postures can help you heal.

Where should I park?

DOWNTOWN | There is free street parking within the few blocks off Division + Princess streets. Nearby there are pay meters (no charge after 6pm!), please do not use the Metro parking lot or Princess Towers lot as you risk towing. 

WEST END | We are blessed with out own parking lot here!  No searching necessary.

Somehow six months passed and I only used 1 of my 20-class passes. You’ll extend it won’t you?

We suck at saying no, but here’s the really-really: All regular priced class passes expire six months after activation (1st class attended).  An promotional passes (which busy specific time of the year) expire 3 months from purchase date unless otherwise indicated in the specific sale terms.

We offer multi-class passes (discounted classes) to reward those of you who come regularly to your mats and contribute energetically to the most classes. Our policy is that if you have a few leftover passes, we will carry them over if you buy a new pass. Example: you have one class left, you buy a five class pass, we update it to show you now have 6 classes in total. This HAS to be done manually – the system doesn’t do it automatically. Please keep this in mind when you buy your class passes. And thanks so much for coming when you can. We wish we saw more of you 😉 

After you have purchased your new pass, you will need to email register@yogasamatva.com to have your passes transferred.

All transfers must be done within 6 months of the original pass.  Following that, all passes will not qualify for moving.

I bought another pass, but the system says I only have one left?

Our MindBody Online software is real smart, but it cannot add. So for instance if you have an existing 10-class pass with 2 remaining punches, and then you get all excited about continuing your practice so you stock up and buy another 10-class pass, yes you do indeed have 12 classes total. But! The system can’t add so it uses up pass #1 first and then it starts pass #2. You can always go online and check out your account to be sure a purchase went though. Log in> My Info>> Purchase History >>>Voila!

Samatva Community Commitment – Thank you 

Member Obligations & Studio Behaviour

Arrive on time. We reserve the right to deny class entry to anyone, who arrives after the scheduled class start time.
Place shoes neatly on shelves or under coats depending on your studio location. Our floors are shoe free.
Check in BEFORE entering practice space with your membership card.
Lost or Forgotten Membership cards. A $5 fee is required to replace your card & will be done before taking class. One exception will be available per student. Photo id may be required.
You may not allow any other person to use your membership or its benefits. Doing so may result in suspension or cancellation, with any outstanding balance immediately due and payable.
Inform your teacher of any injuries or if you are new to yoga prior to each class.
Cell phone ringers MUST be turned off as soon as you check-in for class so as not to disturb other classes.
Studio practice rooms are silent. Enjoy this quiet time for your meditation &/or pranayama practice.
Align your mat to a sticker and prepare your spot with all props you may need. Not sure what? Ask your educator.
Nothing in the studio except items used directly in class. No personal belongings permitted in practice spaces.
Help out your friends. As a community member, please help those that look confused or unsure. Thanks!
Please keep noise and voices to a minimum while waiting for, or leaving classes.
Do not enter a class late or leave early without giving the teacher prior notice. We want to make sure you’re ok.
Attend class in good health (no colds/seasonal illnesses please) and in good hygiene.

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