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Classes to suit all yogis

To make it easy, we classify our classes as "Slow + Stretchy, Well-rounded, and Tone + Sweat". Our teachers are all experienced in offering modifications of different poses for beginner students, and more advanced modifications or progressions for the more experienced yogis. However, we find that most students that are new to yoga prefer to start with our room temperature classes +_ Well-rounded classes. You can also live stream all our classes from home anytime!

Scroll down to view more about class descriptions + levels.

Our Beginners Foundations Program

Over 4 weeks, we will help you to gain insight for easing into your practice by learning the foundations of breath, body & yogic philosophy. Together we will cover the basic building blocks of yoga so that you can leave empowered to try any of our classes. Offered both in-studio and live @ home.

4-Week Series focuses on:

Week #1 | Sun Salutations + Breath + Props
Week #2 | Foundation Standing Postures
Week #3 | Foundation Floor Postures + Twists
Week #4 | Backbends + Inversion + Options + Meditation


Preparing for Class

Drink plenty of water before class
Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours before class
Wear light but fitted clothes
Bring a yoga mat + towel (hot yoga only), or rent one of ours for $2
Remember that there is no need to book - we always leave room for walk-ins, but please arrive 15-20 minutes before class starts

What to Bring

Wear light and fitted clothes
Bring a water bottle
Bring a yoga mat + towel (or you can rent for $2)
An open heart + smile

Have more Questions?

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Classes Explained


Slow + Stretchy Class Styles


A relaxed pace class designed to enhance mobility, decrease pain, and refresh the mind, body and spirit. Slow, fluid movements coordinated with the breath release tension and open the flow of healing energy within the body and the soul. Modifications are offered to facilitate ease of practice for every body. This class is perfect for those times when we may feel weak, fatigued or stressed from daily activities.

Stress Rescue + Reset

In this type of yoga, you won’t find any downward facing dog, chaturanga or warrior II poses. Instead, the focus of stress rescue + reset yoga is on stillness, restoration, nourishment and relaxation. The use of props, like bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps along with long held simply stretches, aids in that feeling—so you can work on being calm and clearing your mind.

Research has found that restorative yoga can improve well-being and fatigue, improve quality of life, and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety making this practice an amazing tool for stress management, overwhelm and illness. Reconnect with your parasympathetic nervous system and strengthen our ability to move between states of stress and rest with more ease.


Restorative yoga is a calming and grounding practice that is a wonderful complement to cardio-based exercise or a vigorous vinyasa practice. Restorative practice invites you to let go, allowing gravity and the breath to bring you into a deep space of inner reflection and openness.  Expect to melt away your stress in this one! This class is available for all levels.


Are you stressed out, overworked, overtired, run-down or just in need of some quiet rejuvenation time? Let the power of Yin Yoga come to your aid through the eradication of stress and toxins accumulated in our muscles, ligaments, bones, joints and internal organs. 3-10 minute postures draws the life force (prana or chi) into the deeper meridians which stimulates the immune system and rejuvenates the whole body.

Yin + Refresh

Yin + Refresh Yoga is a class that balances the newly developed Yin Yoga practice for the first half of the class with traditional warming flow yoga practices for the second half of the class. This class can provide you with a practice that starts with deep, introspective, and quiet yoga that evolves into an energizing and uplifting yoga that sets you on your way for the rest of your day. Perfect for all levels.

Yin + Restore Suspension Yoga™

Yin + Restore Suspension Yoga™ introduces yoga poses with the assist of aerial fabrics, blocks and bolster. Yin yoga consists of a series of long-held passive floor poses that aims to release fascia and improves joints flexibility. It balances our internal organs and improves the flow of ‘chi’ and pranas. Restorative yoga will also be introduced to de-stress an individual. It allows complete relaxation and rest. Sound and Aromatherapy may be used in class. This class is suitable for all and pre-natal friendly.

This class is excellent for anyone with physical constraints, injuries, illnesses or who simply desires a gentler approach to their suspended workout. Combine the relaxation of restorative yoga with the therapeutic benefits of grounded traction and the delicious stretches that can only be achieved through suspended yoga postures and partial inversions.
++ No Pre-requisite Required.

Well-rounded Class Styles


This all-level class introduces and explores the foundations of steady practice, focusing on conscious, intelligent and supportive alignment in asana (posture), use of the breath, concentration, and other techniques that nourish our Yoga. Learn and practice the fundamentals with instructors skilled at guiding poses and sharing modifications that work for all sorts of bodies. By returning to Foundations, again and again, you can expect to develop a well-rounded and refreshing practice grounded in the most essential elements of yoga—mindful movement, classic poses, and conscious exploration of body and breath.

Wake Up

Did you know that our body is the MOST honest first thing in the morning? The mind is at it's most still just having woken from sleep so morning is the traditional time to practice yoga. Greet your day with a moving flow which includes seated pranayama (breathing), variations of surya namaskara as well as postures to strengthen and tone your entire body and mind to set the tone for your day. Transition from this dynamic practice with a relaxing savasana to invigorate your mind and body for the day ahead.

All levels and abilities welcome; set your alarm and be prepared to wake up!

Root + Balance

Emphasizing conscious breath as the anchor to the mind’s steadied focus, our practice will garner presence and acceptance of the moment, allowing us to go inward and discover how to live our truth. In this class we will adapt the pace and intention that both the physical and subtle bodies need in order to establish integration and that vital sense of balance + grounding. All levels.

Seasonal Flow

We are deeply influenced by the changing seasons. Our bodies are made of the same five elements that make up Earth. While our modern lives often separate us from nature, our profound connection with Earth means we are continually moved by the changing seasons. Seasonal Flow is a dynamic practice intended to balance our energy with the changing energy of nature. With an emphasis on intention and reflection, we will observe the subtle energies that exist in nature as well as ourselves, allowing us to deepen our relationship with the natural world and our role within it.


From the beginning of time, music and sound have been essential to the human experience. Each of us begins life in the womb, to the comforting thump of our mother's heartbeat, before being born into a world full of water flowing, birds chirping, voices singing, and instruments blending together to create some of the most beautiful sounds we could ever imagine, each invoking a unique feeling for the listener.

This vinyasa flow class will explore the primal connection between sound, energy and movement. A new theme featuring fun and familiar music will be offered each week (e.g. The Beatles, Bob Marley, '90s music), inviting students on an auditory journey exploring the power of music and sound in relation to yoga practice. This practice will sandwich each musical theme between a similar soundtrack at the beginning and end of class, which will incorporate drum beats, nature sounds, the sound of silence and the primordial om.

A Spotify(.com) playlist link will be shared at the start of the class by your teacher so all Live Stream participants can play along. You can use the free version too (bare the intermittent ads). Want to know this week's theme in advance? Check our socials! @samatvayoga (IG) + Samatva Yoga Kingston (FB).

Sling + Stretch Suspension Yoga™

With the support of the Suspension Yoga™ Sling you will also be able to enter more advanced yoga poses that you may have never been able to arrive at before…safely. class you will leave feeling invigorated, inspired, relaxed and yes, even a little bit taller!

Perfect for beginners and floor based yogis alike, participants will discover how inversions and aerial movements decompress the spine, strengthen the core and achieve deep delicious stretches formerly only dreamed of. Enjoy foundational techniques that will enable you to feel comfortable, confident and at home in your Suspension Yoga™ Sling! Exploring partial + full intro-inversions, learning fluid sequences, moving with breath and your floating savasana cocoon to finish…Expect to feel relaxed, lengthened and strengthened as you learn to fly and decompress the spine!

++ We recommend this class style to all those beginning Suspension Yoga™. No Pre-requisite required.</em

Tone + Sweat Class Styles

Focus + Flow

The foundation of Focus + Flow Yoga is vinyasa, linking one breath to one movement with an emphasis on precise and supportive alignment. Play while challenging yourself through a wide range of postures + create heat and energy in the body as one posture leads fluidly into another in a class that integrates balance, strength and relaxation. Focus + Flow classes are accessible to all levels and modifications are given so students can practice at their own comfort level.


Ready to sweat? Detox Yoga is exactly what it sounds like - DETOXIFYING! Done in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees, this practice is based on a therapeutic, progressive sequence of demanding strength postures that will have you moving, breathing and sweating! Considered to be a more athletic style of yoga, this class will "push your edge" in the most rewarding way. The continual flow, linking movement to breath, produces heat and purifying sweat to detoxify the body and calm the mind. Hot yoga is a great way to build stamina and flexibility. Even iron will bend if heated enough!


YOGA HIIT is a cross-training combination of yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training) Experience your fitness and your yoga practice in a whole new way. Yoga HIIT utilizes smart alignment foundation, designed to fatigue muscles through heart rate spikes — cardio. Maximize your caloric burn, melt away fat, and boost your metabolism — active recovery. This cardio and active recovery experience, wrapped up in the familiarity of your yoga practice, will show you your edge and carry you safely beyond it. **This practice will include 3 x 4min HIITs which will use a Tabata Timer. 20 seconds in action and 10 seconds in recovery for a total of 8 minutes for each HIIT sequence. The rest of the practice will be yoga as you know it!

Iron Yoga

Total body workout for ALL fitness levels. This easy-to-follow class is designed to sculpt, lengthen and challenge every muscle, to find core strength and stability, while nourishing your body mind and soul. Add small 2-5 pound weights to specific postures and move deeper into each pose– becoming your own personal adjuster. Classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group by combining plyometrics and Vinyasa-style yoga flow. Full body strengthening with bodyweight resistance to get your heart rate and metabolism moving. Burn some extra calories, build healthy bone density, tone up those shoulders, biceps and core, and leave feeling calm, strong, refreshed and rejuvenated to start your day! Weights are provided for in-studio classes, while at home, grab some soup cans or full water bottles.


This is an upbeat, moderately paced Vinyasa class designed with postures to build core strength, to encourage stability and flexibility through proper alignment, and to fill the body and mind with positive energy all while working towards an apex - or themed - flow. Expect a lively playlist as you journey through a well-rounded flow that will leave you feeling ready to take on whatever the day brings. Some yoga experience suggested.

Core Sculpt

This class focuses entirely on stabilizing our deep core muscles so that we are better able to sustain proper posture throughout the day and alleviate low back issues. Additionally, abdominal organs are massaged and agni (internal heat) is ignited through core work. This stimulates the natural cleansing abilities of the body, helping to eliminate pollutants that deplete our systems and cloud our joy.

We take the best from Hatha Yoga and Pilates to create a flow that allows you to strengthen and tone your entire body. Yoga and Pilates are blended together to create an atmosphere that is complete for all fitness levels- from beginner to fitness enthusiast.

Sculpt Suspension Yoga™

The foundation of strength is a solid core and conscious stability. Build a strong core – join our new class that focuses on workouts that will strengthen and challenge you to your core! Using your own body-weight in the Suspension Yoga™ Sling, our educators Gill & Jaime, will safely guide you through a series of exercise routines guaranteed to build strength and improve body awareness.

++ No Pre-requisite Required.

Suspension Yoga™

Suspension Yoga™ offers an energizing and relaxing way of exercising, through inversions and aerial movements that leave you feeling relaxed while experiencing a full body workout.



Your Studio Commitment

  • Arrive on time. We reserve the right to deny class entry to anyone, who arrives after the scheduled class start time.
  • Place shoes neatly on shelves or under coats depending on your studio location. Our floors are shoe free.
  • Check in BEFORE entering practice space with your membership card.
  • Lost or Forgotten Membership cards. A $5 fee is required to replace your card & will be done before taking class. One exception will be available per student. Photo id may be required.
  • You may not allow any other person to use your membership or its benefits. Doing so may result in suspension or cancellation, with any outstanding balance immediately due and payable.
  • Inform your teacher of any injuries or if you are new to yoga prior to each class.
  • Cell phone ringers MUST be turned off as soon as you check-in for class so as not to disturb other classes.
  • Studio practice rooms are silent. Enjoy this quiet time for your meditation &/or pranayama practice.
  • Align your mat to a sticker and prepare your spot with all props you may need. Not sure what? Ask your educator.
  • Nothing in the studio except items used directly in class. No personal belongings permitted in practice spaces.
  • Help out your friends. As a community member, please help those that look confused or unsure. Thanks!
  • Please keep noise and voices to a minimum while waiting for, or leaving classes.
  • Do not enter a class late or leave early without giving the teacher prior notice. We want to make sure you’re ok.
  • Attend class in good health (no colds/seasonal illnesses please) and in good hygiene.