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We care about you.

Are you new to Samatva Yoga, haven't been back since our world was turned upside down or would like to try to Live Steam your practice from home?

These Introductory Offers are for you!
We now have 3 Streams for $15, 30 Days Unlimited for $39, Welcome Back 30 Days Unlimited for $49. These all are a one time offer. Once you have enjoyed one, it will no longer appear for purchase in the system.

As safety for our teaching staff and students is of utmost priority, Samatva will reopen for in-studio classes starting Tuesday, February 16 (after Family Day. See you then. You can now book your reservations!

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Discussion will be March 1st via ZOOM @ 830 pm. Join us, it's free! Book your spot at the link below

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Whether it's hours of computer time at your kitchen table creating nagging discomfort, or just general shoulder pain, these workshops are built for you (literally)!


Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Discussion will be February 1st via ZOOM @ 830 pm. Join us, it's free! Book your spot at the link below

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Due to the provincial mandated lockdown, Samatva Yoga will move all offerings to Live Streaming until January 23 (or until we are permitted to teach again in studio.
We are very happy this will allow us to remain open and to continue to teach and for you to practice.
That said, if you wish to hold your membership until in studio offerings return, please visit the link below.

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The studio will be closed Xmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day (December 23, 24 + 25) as well as New Year's Ever and Day (Dec 31 + Jan 1)

Things My Son Needs to Know About the World by Fredrik Backman
Discussion will be January 4th via ZOOM @ 830 pm. Join us, it's free! Book your spot at the link below

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UPDATE November 1 | THE SAMATVA YOGA BOOK CLUB IS BACK To keep our participants safe, this month’s Samatva Yoga Book Club event will be held virtually via ZOOM. Registration is required to get you invitation link and FREE!

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UPDATE October 31 | LAST WEEKEND FOR OUTDOOR YOGA CLASSES We are so thankful that you joined us this past spring, summer and fall for outdoor yoga classes. Due to the extreme interest and popularity, we will be bringing it back in the spring!

UPDATE October 13 | RESERVATION POLICY REMINDER Class sizes are limited due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Please note that if you book and do not attend classes, you are holding this space from someone who could benefit from practice.  We kindly ask you to remove your reservations at min 60 minutes before class starts. Late cancellations will be charged as though class was attended for class cards + a $5 fee for unlimited membership holders.

UPDATE October 6 | BEGINNERS SERIES Please look for our Beginners Foundations 4-week Series to be returning to the schedule in the next two weeks.  We will be offering options for online live streaming as well as in-studio classes.  As always, these classes will be pre-registered.  Be sure to join our mailing list (found in the footer) to stay up to date on all studio offerings!

UPDATE October 6 | PRE-NATAL YOGA Please look for our pre-natal yoga to be returning to the schedule in the next two weeks.  We will be offering options for online live streaming as well as in-studio classes.  As always, these classes will be pre-registered.  Be sure to join our mailing list (found in the footer) to stay up to date on all studio offerings!

UPDATE October 1 | IS HOT YOGA COMING BACK? We hear you!  Hot yoga will be returning to our schedules soon.  As always, our staff, student and community as a whole are of utmost importance.  When it is deemed safe, it will return.  We will be revisiting this option mid to late October.

UPDATE September 30 | LIVE STREAMING NOW OFFERED VIA MBO | WHY THE CHANGE? Zoom limits us to have only one class streamable at a time; with MindBody Online Live Stream, we can offer a live service for every offering we have in the studio.  Offering all classes to you is the reason for the upgrade – it will work; we just need to get you set up correctly.  Below is your troubleshooting guide link, but here are the most common issues we have found:


  • Run all software + app updates: MBO likes things to be the latest versions
  • Apple device? If you are using an Apple product, stream with safari, not chrome
  • Disable your pop-up blocker This can hide the live streaming page
  • Internet Explorer is not very compatible with this software It is best to choose an alternate browser as default is you are streaming on a pc like Chrome or Firefox

UPDATE September 20 | HOW LONG WILL OUTDOOR CLASSES BE OFFERED? As long as we can! and guess what? They will return each and every season moving forward - some good does come from COVID-19. Please dress in layers and if you suspect rain, all class changes will be emailed 60 minutes before class or you can view our online schedule in this 60 minute window.

UPDATE July 14 | IN STUDIO CLASSES RETURN Phase 3 announcements will permit us to introduce in-studio classes back to our schedules! YAYA!!! In-Studio classes begin Monday July 20, 2020

Dear Samatva Community,

Breathe. This too shall pass......and how have we grown?

On March 16th, Covid-19 quarantine  forced ask us to adapt our space from an in-person one to virtually + we are so thrilled to slowly and safely get back to re-opening our studio doors. I’m sure you can understand but closing for extended periods a lot of pressure, stress and worry on any business let alone one that is so intimate and close.

Samatva Yoga, almost 15 years now, and its amazing yoga educators and support staff that have continued to show up for all stages of this COVID-19 shift and they have pivoted so effectively, efficiently and gracefully. They do this because they want to keep engaged with you all in whatever capacity has worked with you and your practice during this journey. Because they genuinely care. This is yoga. We shift, ebb and flow and find our center no matter what.

Thank you for your continued support however this needs to look for you right now.

We understand that everyone has a different lens to this current daily situation unfolding. For some this means keeping memberships active in support of the studio because they can, for some, this means they have had to make a hard decision to terminate memberships.  Some still have requested we offer a donation option to be able to provide what they feel they can while memberships are on hold in exchange for the use of studio offerings online.  For this reason, memberships will continue to run based on your requests individually. 

Thank you for whatever you can do to help us all be strong and get to the other side of this.

I’m so proud of us  - we hope you are too. We are not perfect but are doing our best. Please know it all comes from a place of caring and love.

We promise to walk before running. We will do this right.  We are committed to both your and our growth and that only happens when we get uncomfortable.  Let's continue to grow together.  🙏🏼

Peace, Jaime



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Membership Hold Requests

UPON REQUEST ONLY - We will be offering 1 month complimentary holds to all members - Infinity and Class Card holders while we transition to our virtual platform.  Be sure to complete the form, this will also send you a confirmation that is was requested. 

IMPORTANT: We are busy sorting out accounts. This can take some time. Please do not worry, we will get to it and it will all be organized based on your submission dates. Please consider not adding to the overwhelming pile of emails we are dealing with by submitting "check-ins" continuously and only do so once.

If you have your BCC copy of your hold request form from your submission, you account will be held.

You are only able to submit the Complimentary 1 Month Hold once.

Our goal is to continue to provide our community with an interdisciplinary online experience of yoga practice and guided meditation to help maintain your health and well-being during this difficult time. As we are testing this new platform, feedback is greatly welcomed and our schedule will be growing shortly! Same classes, new spaces!

If you had previously requested your membership payments to be put on hold, here is where you lift that request so you can access the Live Streaming content with your existing membership/card.

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