Dear Samatva Community,

Breathe. This too shall pass......and how have we grown?

On March 16th, 2020 Covid-19 quarantine  forced ask us to adapt our space from an in-person one to virtually + we are so thrilled to slowly and safely get back to re-opening our studio doors. I’m sure you can understand but closing for extended periods a lot of pressure, stress and worry on any business let alone one that is so intimate and close.

Samatva Yoga, almost 15 years now, and its amazing yoga educators and support staff that have continued to show up for all stages of this COVID-19 shift and they have pivoted so effectively, efficiently and gracefully. They do this because they want to keep engaged with you all in whatever capacity has worked with you and your practice during this journey. Because they genuinely care. This is yoga. We shift, ebb and flow and find our center no matter what.

Thank you for your continued support however this needs to look for you right now.

We understand that everyone has a different lens to this current daily situation unfolding. For some this means keeping memberships active in support of the studio because they can, for some, this means they have had to make a hard decision to terminate memberships.  Some still have requested we offer a donation option to be able to provide what they feel they can while memberships are on hold in exchange for the use of studio offerings online.  For this reason, memberships will continue to run based on your requests individually. 

Thank you for whatever you can do to help us all be strong and get to the other side of this.

I’m so proud of us  - we hope you are too. We are not perfect but are doing our best. Please know it all comes from a place of caring and love.

We promise to walk before running. We will do this right.  We are committed to both your and our growth and that only happens when we get uncomfortable.  Let's continue to grow together.  🙏🏼

Peace, Jaime


Maintain Your Infinity Membership

Need a little break and want to pause your payments? Moving away or need to rethink your Membership options? This is where you do it! Phone messages + e-mail cannot make membership changes.