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Are in-studio classes not an option for you right now? Want to practice daily but can't make it to studio? Join us from home or your office all day long!

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Samatva Yoga is happy to offer you a variety of online classes via Mindbody Online Live Streaming with some of your favourite instructors and we are thrilled to let you know that service will be staying as part of our regular scheduling moving forward.

We can’t wait to have you join us online to continue your practice and stay involved with our community.

>> Set up your device

Why not use ZOOM?

Zoom limits us to have only one class streamable at a time; with MindBody Online Live Stream, we can offer a live service for every offering we have in the studio.  Offering all classes to you is the reason for the upgrade – it will work; we just need to get you set up correctly. 

Below is your troubleshooting guide link, but here are the most common issues we have found:


  • Run all software + app updates: MBO likes things to be the latest versions
  • Apple device? If you are using an Apple product, stream with safari, not chrome
  • Disable your pop-up blocker This can hide the live streaming page
  • Internet Explorer is not very compatible with this software It is best to choose an alternate browser as default is you are streaming on a pc like Chrome or Firefox

MBO Troubleshooting Guide + FAQs

Our Virtual, Outdoor + In-Studio Yoga Schedule

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Class sizes are limited due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Please note that if you book and do not attend classes, you are holding this space from someone who could benefit from practice.  We kindly ask you to remove your reservations at min 60 minutes before class starts. Late cancellations will be charged as though class was attended for class cards + a $5 fee for unlimited membership holders.

How to Live Stream!

Before contacting Samatva Yoga directly, please review here which will answer most of your frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Reserve Your Live Stream Class


Visit our online daily schedule > Select your live stream class and click on “Book” > Sign in to your Samatva Yoga account > Select and buy a single stream or package (or use your active Infinity Membership or Class Card) 


Open the Samatva Yoga app > Select “WEST END” at the TOP OF YOUR SCREEN (the full schedule is listed here - not downtown) as your location > Review our daily schedule > Select your live stream class and tap “Book” > Select and buy a single stream or package.  (or use your active Infinity Membership or Class Card) 

You will receive an email confirmation to the email on file. To confirm the email address we have for you in our system, please log in to the website and review your profile settings. 

Step 2: Get Ready to Use MBO Live Streaming

Be sure to set up for success by reading the Live Stream User Guide here (it loves your software and apps to be up-to-date)


You DO NOT forget your password - you will need to sign-in to your MBO profile to access the live stream

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the live stream 30 minutes before the start of class. After entering your MBO username and password, you will be in the classroom with you mic automatically muted. Please be patient until the instructor is ready to begin class.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Class


Prepare your body. Come hydrated.
Wear something you feel comfortable practicing in: This varies depending on your class style - be comfy and warm
Grab your props: Have handy pillow, blocks/books, a strap etc.


You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the MBO live stream class when you create your class reservation + before the start of class. If you have trouble joining the streaming class, please view this help page by MindBody Online Live Streaming.
Set up your mat and/or towel in a space with ample space around you so you can move around throughout class.
Bring your water bottle. Its important to stay hydrated before, during and after class.
Hot(ter) Class?If you have a space heater and a small room you can warm up, this is a great way to recreate the hot room, but is not necessary. If you do not have any extra heat, lets build heat together naturally!


Do your best to be a good listener. The instructor will demonstrate some postures so paying attention is the key to a great class.
Listen to your body. It’s normal to need to take breaks. If you have need to take a break, please do so. Feel free to rest in savasana or a child’s pose.
Stay hydrated. Have a water bottle with you and drink water as needed.


Relaxation is built into the end of class, known as the final savasana. This is when your body begins to absorb the benefits from class.
Bring a glass or bottle of water with you to bed, as your body continues to dehydrate as you sleep. Start your day with at least 8 ounces of water.
Share your experience on social media using #mysamatva. Get creative! Share photos, videos, track your progress, and take note of the benefits you’re experiencing from daily classes during this difficult time.


Before contacting Samatva Yoga directly, please review here which will answer most of your frequently asked questions.

When do I get the link to access the MBO Live Stream I have registered for?
You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the Live Stream 30 minutes before the start of class.

I didn't get an email with a link. What do I do?
Make sure your email is up-to-date. Go to your account information and update your email accordingly in the Samatva Yoga app or MBO website. Be sure to add us to your contacts to maximize delivery results. Note: We may experience email deliverability issues with private and business emails (due to firewall restrictions). Please consider using a more commonly used email service provider such as Gmail.

What is your refund policy?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Absolutely no refunds.

How long do I have to use my streaming class card?
There are no expiry dates for online streaming class cards; however, they CANNOT be transferred to in-studio/outdoor yoga classes.

My partner/co-worker wants to take a class with me simultaneously, do I need to register them separately?
During these difficult times, we understand everyone’s financial situation is different. If you can, please register all attendees for the class to help support our small business. Our entire staff thanks you for your honesty and support!

Can I use my regular class card for online streaming?
Previously purchased class cards can be used towards streaming classes. The price of an online class can – but may not be – much less than that of a regular class from your class card, depending on your purchase price at the time.

My Samatva Yoga Infinity Membership is active. Can I use this for streaming classes?
Live streaming classes are included complimentary in all active memberships while our studios are closed.

I want to unfreeze by previous request to hold my membership. How do I do that?
Samatva Yoga Infinity memberships can/were put on hold by request only. We thank those that chose to continue to support the studio during this time. If you have previously requested a membership hold and now wish to reactivate your membership to permit access to online live streaming content, please submit your request to us at Email Us You will receive an email confirmation when your request has been processed.

Did you find the answer you were looking for?
We're here to help! Visit our additional frequently asked questions or submit a request via email here: http://yogasamatva.com/contact-us/

MBO Troubleshooting Guide + FAQs

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