If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

african proverb

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We have a 2-hour cancellation policy. This policy is to ensure that fellow students are able to access class spots and teachers/studio are fairly compensated for their classes. Class sizes are restricted capacity due to Covid-19 social distancing measures. Late Cancellations + No Shows will be charged as though the class was attended for class cards + a $5 fee (late cancel)/$10 (no show) for unlimited/trial membership holders. We are unable to make exceptions to these policies and ask that you book only when you are planning on attending your booking. We appreciate your consideration.

How to Live Stream!

Before contacting Samatva Yoga directly, please review here which will answer most of your frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Reserve Your Live Stream Class

  • Online booking cutoff is 5 minutes before any live stream class. Email link will be sent right away within 30 minutes of class start.
  • Class links will be emailed 30 minutes before class start. You will need to know your MindBody password.

Step 2: Get Ready to Use MBO Live Streaming

  • Spotify - Music for the class. Our teachers will offer suggested playlists before class via the streaming service Spotify.  You can download a FREE version here. 
  • Ritualize your space.  As with in-studio, make it special. Light a candle, diffuse your favourite essential oils, dim the lights, make tea/water etc.
  • Gather your props.  We strongly suggest investing in 2-3 blocks, 1-2 bolsters of different sizes and an eye bag to support your home practice.  You can, however, use books, blankets and couch cushions too.
  • Set up early for success.  If this is your first live stream, please set up early - by at least 15 minutes.  This will give you time to troubleshoot should you not have done so already.  Be sure to have updated your devices/computers to the latest versions. Live Stream Troubleshooting Guide. 
  • Turn on your camera.  We want to see you so we can guide you.  It is important to connect the teacher and student for safety, community and technique.  We need and want, to know who is in our classes. Thank you for sharing your video with us as we are with you.
  • Microphone + Chat If you are having streaming challenges, please let us know.  In addition, you can use the chat/microphone option to say hi, and thank you to your educator before + after class.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Class

  • Stay until the end. Discipline is the hardest part of the practice.  Setting aside the time and sticking to it can be challenging.  Stay with it and stay with us until the end.  We will close together in community, and you are an integral part.

We're Here For You.....


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We use MindBody Live for Streaming

Zoom limits us to have only one class streamable at a time; with MindBody Online Live Stream, we can offer a live service for every offering we have in the studio.  Offering all classes to you is the reason for the upgrade – it will work; we just need to get you set up correctly. 

Below is your troubleshooting guide link, but here are the most common issues we have found:


  • Run all software + app updates: MBO likes things to be the latest versions
  • Apple device? If you are using an Apple product, stream with safari, not chrome
  • Disable your pop-up blocker This can hide the live streaming page
  • Internet Explorer is not very compatible with this software It is best to choose an alternate browser as default is you are streaming on a pc like Chrome or Firefox

MBO Troubleshooting Guide + FAQs



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