Private One-on-One, Yoga Therapy, Group + Team Classes, Fast-Track Suspension Yoga Immersion and Parties + Studio Rental and it doesn't end there.  

Whether you choose Samatva Yoga to deepen your practice, heal from injury, laugh out loud or just Hang Around (*smile) we can help!

Simply send us the details of your special request!  Be as specific as you can about what you are looking for.  Don't see a rate your you?  It doesn't hurt to see if we can accommodate it.

Please include the following in your request:
  1. Preferred Date
  2. Preferred Time
  3. Studio Location
  4. Hot or Not
  5. Requested Educator
  6. Style of request (one-on-one, hockey team etc.)
  7. Number of participants
  8. Number of classes (will it happen once or a series)

We will be in touch with you in the next 48 hours!


    Private Yoga

    Private yoga offers an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your practice. Sessions can explore specific postures, modifications, breath practices, how to adapt the pace of the class for more or less intensity, or even questions about your experiences in meditation or relaxation.

    Discounts offers for 4+ sessions booked at once

    Private Yoga $80 60min $105 90min
    senior educator (5+ yrs) add $20

    Group Classes

    Sometimes semi-private or group yoga classes are a better fit for your needs than our regular yoga classes. We can work with you directly to develop a yoga practice that is specific to your group's needs. For example, we can come to you, offer live stream for work events via ZOOM or get your team together to target specific training goals.

    Book in the hot room! A $20 additional fee applies.

    Special Event, Group + Team Yoga
    $100 - $150+ 75min - Email now >>

    Group Suspension Yoga™

    Book your specialty event. Have a bride to be? birthday party? team event? Whatever! We have your back.

    book a special group for Suspention Yoga™
    max 14 ppl