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Samatva Yoga educators share their unique yoga classes and always put their own twist on styles and practice. They guide every student, no matter where they are in their journey, and share the variety of trainings freely.

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Desk Advisors

Being the first face that the community sees, the greeters within Samatva Yoga lend to the amazing peaceful, friendly and informed community we have. Quite commonly this position is staffed from those in our EE program first.

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EE Work Study

Our Energy Exchanger Work Study Team (EE's) are responsible for the clean feel of our studios. They ensure every location is thoughtfully cared for - and enjoy exclusive benefits, including UNLIMITED YOGA as EE candidates and team members are not required to purchase a membership.

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We love those that will help us spread the word about what we do! To apply for a marketing position, we require transportation as we will ask duties such as postering, mailing and promotions to be done. Creative and innovative ideas with social media is also a +.

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Special Guests

Do you have a unique specialty that you think our community at Samatva Yoga would benefit from? If so, please send us a quick note about it. We love to feature guest facilitators.

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We offer massage and bodywork and energy healing in all our studio locations in private treatment rooms. If you are looking to offer your services through Samatva Yoga, we would love to hear from you!

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Trade of Services

Wash windows? Offer holistic services? Sell flowers? Work in a salon? We have amazing benefits for our students and staff alike and would love to set up a trade of services with you. If you are interested in becoming part of our amazing programs and potentially offering our services to your staff/clients, let us know! It can be as unique are you are!

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