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Fall Suspension Yoga™ Schedule

++ Attend after 2 hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion Pre-requisite only.

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2 Hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion

Pre-requisite to attend drop-in classes

With the support of the Suspension Yoga™ Sling you will also be able to enter more advanced yoga poses that you may have never been able to arrive at before…safely. After 2 hours you will leave feeling invigorated, inspired, relaxed and yes, even a little bit taller!

Perfect for beginners and floor based yogis alike. This workshop, the pre-requisite to attend drop-in schedule Suspension classes, introduces safe and effective use of the Suspension Yoga™ Sling. Participants will discover how inversions and aerial movements decompress the spine, strengthen the core and achieve deep delicious stretches formerly only dreamed of. We’ll cover all the key foundational techniques to enable you to feel comfortable, confident and at home in your Suspension Yoga™ Sling! Exploring partial + full intro-inversions, learning fluid sequences, moving with breath and your floating savasana cocoon to finish…Expect to feel relaxed, lengthened and strengthened as you learn to fly and decompress the spine!

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Sling + Stretch Suspension Yoga™

The Suspension Yoga™ Sling is an exceptional yoga tool, designed to increase flexibility, balance, coordination, and personal power, while experiencing the uplifting effects of heightened prana and life force. This is the perfect yoga accessory for handstand training, split training, hip opening, chest and shoulder stretching, supported back-bending, and hamstring lengthening, with the ability to use proper alignment techniques and dynamic flow. Dramatically advance your personal yoga practice and be ready to fly!

++ Attend after 2 hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion Pre-requisite only.


Restore Suspension Yoga™

This class is excellent for anyone with physical constraints, injuries, illnesses or who simply desires a gentler approach to their suspended workout. Combine the relaxation of restorative yoga with the therapeutic benefits of grounded traction and the delicious stretches that can only be achieved through suspended yoga postures and inversions.

Ease into deep safe stretches and tension relief for the entire body. Perfect for beginners still working on their confidence in suspension techniques or for the more experienced student wishing to simply enjoy a gentler class.

++ Attend after 2 hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion Pre-requisite only.


Sculpt Suspension Yoga™

The foundation of strength is a solid core and conscious stability. Build a strong core – join our new class that focuses on workouts that will strengthen and challenge you to your core! Using your own body-weight in the Suspension Yoga™ Sling, our educators Gill & Jaime, will safely guide you through a series of exercise routines guaranteed to build strength and improve body awareness.

++ Attend after 2 hour Suspension Yoga™ Immersion Pre-requisite only.

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