Welcome to your Samatva $REWARDS

THANK YOU for choosing Samatva! We are Grateful.

Welcome to the studio and welcome to your automatic Samatva $REWARDS program.  No opting in required. Once you join us, you begin collecting - this means YOU have a balance collecting from us to say thanks for choosing Samatva to lay your mat.

Samatva $REWARDS are earned through online class bookings, purchases, referrals and online appointment booking.  Redemption for $REWARDS begins once you have accumulated $20.  They are just like bucks!

  • $REWARDS can be applied towards Massage/Bodywork Services to a limit of $10 per service.
  • $REWARDS can be used to pay late cancellation fees.
  • $REWARDS cannot be used to pay outstanding balances or NSF fees.
  • $REWARDS cannot  be combined with sales and promotions unless otherwise indicated at the time of purchase.  The use of these Samatva dollars are for regular priced services only + cannot be used towards promotions.  This includes promotional codes and infinity memberships. Basically, you choose which is the best discount at the time.
  • $REWARDS cannot be used towards merchandise.  Services only.

If you would like to use your $REWARDS towards your upcoming Infinity Membership payment.  You must email questions@yogasamatva.com  before your payment is due.  You must redeem the full payment using your $REWARDS - no partial payments permitted.


BOOK A CLASS | 2 points
PURCHASE (per $1) | 1 point
REFER A FRIEND | 50 points

200 POINTS = $20

Redemption begins when you have earned $20 in points.  At checkout, it will appear as a payment option.  Please be sure on ONLY apply to valid purchases. See Redemption of $REWARDS for clarification. You must be able to pay for the full balance in points to qualify. Points expire after 365 days.

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