Yoga + Diabetes | 5 Weeks
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5 part series

Yoga + Diabetes

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This five-week workshop series applies the benefits of yoga towards the management of diabetes. Did you know that yoga can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve blood sugars? Are you looking for a complementary approach to help you navigate the challenges of living with a chronic disease?

Join Lorraine Chick, yoga teacher, certified diabetes educator and Nurse Practitioner each week and we will focus our attention on a specific body system and explore how breath, movement and mindfulness can support your health and wellness. Each class will start with a 15-minute “mini-lecture” followed by an accessible, beginners level yoga class

Saturday, November 21 | Breath

During our first class together, we look at the power of breath (pranayama) and explore how conscious breathing helps us to send a message directly to our nervous system that we are “okay” Breath, postures, and self-awareness help us reduce the stress response. 

Why does this help diabetes? The stress response worsens glycemic control.

Saturday, November 28 | Mindfulness

Moving on from incorporating a steady breath, we focus our attention on grounding. Our brains have the ability to learn new approaches to dealing with stress. We call this “plasticity,” Focusing our attention helps us to soothe the central nervous system.

Why does this help diabetes? A less heightened stress response helps to reduce the inflammatory reaction at the cellular level.

Saturday, December 5 | Balance + Strength

Cultivating strength, stability, and balance helps us move confidently and safely. Diabetic neuropathy can make this challenging.

Why does this help diabetes? Improved strength and balance help reduce the risk of falls. Weight-bearing exercises help us to strengthen bones.

Saturday, December 12 | Energize

Moving our bodies creates natural endorphins, stimulates our pancreas to secrete insulin, improves circulation and can contribute to a more positive approach to life.

Why does this help diabetes? For the reasons just listed! In addition, when we feel positive, we tend to engage in activities that are health-promoting.

Saturday, December 19 | Putting It All Together

For our last week, we will pull together everything we have learned and take the opportunity to apply some of the concepts we have explored. We will enjoy a slow and grounded yoga practice focused on opening our hearts and creating space for positive change.

Meet Lorraine Chick

Lorraine is a yoga teacher, certified diabetes educator and Nurse Practitioner. For over ten years her clinical practice has included focused attention on the needs of patients living with Type 2 diabetes. She is a passionate advocate for a life well-lived and believes that the practice of yoga is a perfect complément to the more traditional medical approach toward chronic disease management.

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