Yin Yoga: A Master Class
Sunday May 28 @ 400pm

About the Session

Yin yoga is a practice that focuses on the the connective tissues that form our joints. Yin postures gently stretch and rehabilitate allowing us to maintain and restore joint, fascia and muscle flexibility. These mindful postures have a profoundly different feeling in the tissues as well as the nervous and energetic systems of the body.

Come and enjoy the other half of your practice. Come feel the Yin. Suitable for all levels

space available

Sunday May 28/17 @ 400pm 

2 hours

WEST END | 836 Gardiners Rd, Kingston ON | 613 384 MIND (6463)

Investment: $20

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About the Facilitator(s):
Tracy Wilson
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Tracy Wilson
WHY YOGA? It is my 'key' to resilience and I live my practice with patience. I am most challenged maintaining balance and the one thing I couldn't live without is Savasana

For over a decade the magic of yoga has been present in my life. Through my personal practice and teaching of yoga, I have found a 'me' that I love - creative, curious, compassionate, caring and calm.
Loving ourselves first is one of the most important pieces I have learned during my journey. Yoga is simple, yet so profound.
I am constantly and continuously a student in awe of it's magic.


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