Space, Gravity + You
Saturday April 6 @ 130pm

Space Gravity + You

You are never not in an intimate relationship with space and gravity. This workshop will deepen your understanding of how you move through your life. We will play with a meta concept called yielding and put it into practice with a 90 minute flow. We'll end this experience with some journaling to help you integrate what you've learned... And a few surprises along the way.


- 1:30 - 4:00pm -
Rachel Esford

Meet Rachel Esford

Why yoga? Because it's infinitely deep and I'll never get to the bottom of it. Its a boundless ocean of self-discovery that is always expanding my capacity to meet what's here regardless of what unearths itself. It reveals the cleverness of my minds ability to create the masks I wear that hide who I really am and gives me glimpses of what life will look like when I take them off. The more I see my true self, the longer the glimpses last until its not fleeting at all, its the newest version of myself.

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