Sonic Yoga Retreat
Friday March 22 @ 630pm

Sonic Yoga Retreat

Escape to Samatva Yoga for a sound, music, movement and meditation practice like no other, Sonic Yoga. Sonic Yoga is offered by Katt Brooks & Drez Slezak. This duo will be traveling from our nations capital of Ottawa to bring you this unique experience. Sonic yoga is a collaboration to combine her love of yoga & his passion for music offering you a unique experience to elevate all of your senses.

Join us for an enchanting practice including a 2 hour flow yoga practice to the sounds of a live DJ, singing bowls, drums and sound healing techniques.

This flow practice is accessible for all with just a little bit of challenge, as Katt strives to lead a practice for all to feel successful before she prepares you for a deep, long and truly relaxing savanasa.
Prepare yourself to experience sound like you have never experienced as Drez uses sound healing vibrations that you will feel throughout your entire body. You are not going to want to miss this truly magical practice.

To follow, together we will enjoy a warm tea and hold a time to chat and share in your experiences of your practice."


- 6:30-8:30pm -
Tea + Sharing 8:30-9:00pm

Sonic Yoga

Meet Sonic Yoga

Katt Brooks is Yoga Teacher and Drez Slezak (ASTRL TRVLR) is DJ/ Sound Healer based out of Ottawa Canada. These two are co-creators of a yoga business called Sonic Yoga, where they travel around Canada, and the world providing a yoga and sound escape practice. This has taken them on small and large retreats to yoga studios, retreat centers, as well as, providing a yoga and sound experience at music festivals. The entire experience of Sonic Yoga is about using the benefits of yoga, movement, sound healing and vibrations to experience these modalities in a way we typically may not. The true benefits this practice occur as the healing sound frequencies enter the bodies of participants and the experience sound in a way they never thought possible.

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