RETURN TO SOURCE – Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork + Sound Healing
Saturday November 10 @ 400pm

About the Session
“Celebration is my religion. Love is my message. Silence is my truth.” ~ Osho.

Calling all dancers, love & light warriors to join us for a transformational evening of Ecstatic Dance, Breathwork and Sound Healing.

We will start this exceptional evening with gratitude and intention setting circle of connection, followed by a short guided shamanic breathwork to assist us in releasing psychological barriers and to open our hearts to the magic of the Self.

The breathwork session will be followed by an amazing sensory Dance journey, a moving meditation, to a carefully selected playlist of shamanic, indigenous, ethnic and dub beats. This is a free form dance where the musical wave, your intentions, and your inner wisdom will be the only things guiding you. Expect to sweat and dance out your wildest dreams!

We will end this healing journey with a longer session of breathwork and a healing sound bath, incorporating Gong, singing bowls and other vibrational instruments to help us in remembering our Divine Self.
Details + Benefits:

Shamanic breathwork or, often called, conscious connected breathing technique is a journey through body, mind, and spirit, ignited by the rhythm of your breath.

It is form of an active meditation and vibrational mind-body medicine. You will actually FEEL this vibration in your body. It evokes the aliveness within and induces a state of consciousness in which it becomes possible for you to bypass typical defense mechanisms, allowing you to delve deep into the unconscious, offering personal healing, transformation and creation. This medicine helps you to discover how to trust yourself and follow your inspiration and intuition.


  1. Increase oxygen, lung capacity and blood flow
  2. Retrain the diaphragm and breathing muscles
  3. Organ massage and detoxification
  4. Release tension and pain
  5. Access parasympathetic state (healing state)
  6. Open energetic channels and chakras
  7. Mind and body alignment
  8. Clarity, insights and new perspective
  9. Elevate mood – states of peace and bliss
  10. Create new neural patters
  11. Regulate thought patterns and emotions

Registration Open

Saturday Nov 10/18 @ 400pm 

2.5 hours

DOWNTOWN | 397 Princess St, Kingston ON | 613 548 SOUL (7685)

Investment: $20 | $25 @ door

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About the Facilitator(s):
Mahaya Sikorsky
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Mahaya Sikorsky
Mahaya Alina Sikorsky, certified yoga teacher and holistic bodywork practitioner at Samatva Yoga Studio and a trained conscious connected breathwork facilitator & Ecstatic Dance enthusiast. She is very passionate about these embodied practices and the beauty revealed through them. In her dance events she encourages the participants to experience dance as a vehicle of self-transformation, a practice to cleanse and free our beings, a vehicle for healing and self-realization.

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