Pop Up | Special Class: Yoga to Live Drums
Upcoming: May 29

About the Event

The soft beat of a Djembe drum can easily transform a yoga practice into a powerful experience that combines music, rhythm, the body and the mind. Drumming and yoga connect body, mind and spirit. Both are healing to the inner most parts of our beings.

Drumming and yoga form a natural partnership. The vibrating resonance of the drum seems to pull the practioner deeper into the practice. The drummer moves energy into space while the yogini moves energy through the body.

This is a pop-up class that will be on the west end and downtown schedules every other week at various times, temperatures and days. Regular class card passes and memberships can be used to attend.

Please note in all circumstances, the regular class style will be considered and that this is open to all levels to enjoy.

upcoming dates

Tuesday May 9 @ 200pm | HOT | Downtown – educator: Mahaya

Monday May 29 @ 730pm | HOT | West End – educator: Hang

No Additional Cost to Attend – please use regular class pass/membership
randomly scheduled bi-weekly

hold your space

thanks for inviting + sharing....

Yessica Rivera Belsham
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Yessica Rivera Belsham
Yessica Rivera Belsham of "Circle of Wellness" is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Kingston. Her passion for her own Mexican heritage inspires her. She works in the intersection of painting, drawing, sculpting, creating jewelry, sewing, drumming, singing, and workshop facilitation with drumming, singing bowl meditations, and creative arts across Kingston community.
  • Monday May 29 @ 700pm | HOT | West End – educator: Hang
  • Tuesday May 9 @ 200pm | HOT | Downtown – educator: Mahaya
  • Friday April 28 @ 1205pm | ROOM | West End – educator: Gill
  • Thursday April 13 @ 730pm | HOT | Downtown – educator: Gill
  • Wednesday March 29 @ 930am | ROOM | West End – educator: Justine
  • Thursday March 16 @ 730pm | HOT | Downtown – educator: Gill
  • Friday March 3 @ 530pm | ROOM | West End – educator: Tracy
  • Friday February 17 @ 700am | HOT | Downtown – educator: Steph E
  • Friday February 3 @ 500pm | HOT | West End – educator: Rachel
  • Thursday January 19 @ 730pm | HOT | Downtown – educator: Gill

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