Master Class: Yoga for PTSD
Sunday Dec 8 @ 200pm – SOLD OUT

Yoga for PTSD

PTSD is a disorder that emerges when a person has experienced or witnessed a highly traumatic event that overwhelms their psychological and physiological ability to cope, leading to changes in both the mind and the body as a result. One of the key features of PTSD is a feeling of being highly dysregulated (unbalanced). This might mean experiencing states of emotional numbness or being highly nervous and anxious. PTSD is often accompanied by painful flashbacks of the traumatic event(s), or problems with memory, as well as high levels of fear. People tend to avoid situations that are triggering and over time may become more and more isolated. PTSD can take over your life and not only severely affect the one suffering, but also their loved ones.

Whether you are directly or indirectly affected by PTSD, or if you are looking for not only a reactive approach but also a proactive approach towards what appears to be a climbing epidemic within our society, please join me in December.


Don't be intimidated by the word "master", this is a class for all students looking to deepen their understanding about the practice from a specific topic, or point of reference.  There will be room for discussion and interaction if necessary depending on the scheduled style.


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- 2:00-3:30pm -
Alexandra Lewis

Meet Alexandra Lewis

“I was diagnosed with PTSD following a very serious incident, it was an unexpected experience that made me digress quite significantly away from what I thought was my life’s path. During this period in my life I discovered a lot about myself and about life in general so I am very familiar with this term. Among so many things PTSD can make you feel helpless and often hopeless. At most times professional medical attempts trying to treat the symptoms and triggers can prove to be unsuccessful, which adds to the growing frustrations that can build from within and affect your life in every way. After a length of time I personally knew I had to start looking “outside the box”. I also knew that the only one that could really help me, was me and it was time to hold on to the reins a little bit more. My own personal research began and my research guided me into my first Yoga Studio. During that class I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. It was almost like I had never breathed before. I felt calm and relaxed, more present and more aware. The way the breath linked with the movement of my body made me feel so peaceful, yet so powerful from within that I yearned to know more and I still continue to yearn and learn more and more everyday. The more I practice, the more the connectivity of the mind, body and soul completely makes sense. As balance continues to erupt into my life both on and off the mat, I understand it’s importance and I appreciate how sacred that is. Coming home to your true self is a very peaceful and satisfying feeling and as I continue to grow within my journey I find it necessary to spread the word of how Yoga has been more than just beneficial in my process and progress. I would be honoured and blessed to share with you how Yoga is such a wonderful treatment for PTSD and how it works with both the mind and the body and helps to forge a sense of safe community, which enters into the core of your soul. As I share through my own personal experiences we will explore how Yoga, body movement, breathing, simple meditation, embracing the moment and taking one day at a time can leave you feeling more balanced and more at peace. I always teach that Yoga does not take away all of our problems (we are human) but it’s that little “pill” that helps us deal with every day life (and then some) that much better. PTSD is real, it’s also very normal, and it’s definitely going to be okay…always know you are not alone.”

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