Master Class: Practice of Self Light | Chakra Cleansing
Friday Nov 15 @ 730pm

Practice of Self Light| Chakra Cleansing

In the beginning we are Pure Light, than manifested body. Many Chakras creating and nurturing our body in Life and cleansing Chakras mean to find Energy Flow to them. There is 7 Major Centers in our Body which we will focus on. By personal Sound, where we all discover in which centers energy is low or hIgh. This will help us to go through the Energy Blocks and will help us understand personal Energy, as well, to bring Pure Joy and Pure Love to our Soul and Higher Self.


Don't be intimidated by the word "master", this is a class for all students looking to deepen their understanding about the practice from a specific topic, or point of reference.  There will be room for discussion and interaction if necessary depending on the scheduled style.


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- 7:30-9:00pm -

Meet Artem Khmara

“Yoga for me is engagement in Self-practice from which as a language I can speak. I looking for kind expressions of guidance which from the class be able to echo to life. I love to Focus on the energy of all beings and nature. I observed that I am finding ways to keep all the best knowledge that we/I experienced, as well, finding ways from observation. Yoga is Infinity Source of Life/Death/Wholeness, where I can experience examples of Peace, Pure Love as thread into each atom, Pure Joy as a Movement into Expansion, which will allow me to enjoy the Wholeness of the Universe and be Amazed by what Life is in Infinity.”

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