Master Class: Ghosh Yoga Techniques
Sunday Jan 26 @ 200pm

Ghosh Yoga Techniques

As discussed in our recent Master Class: The Ghosh Tradition, this yoga is very focused on the therapeutic value of the practice. Some styles of yoga focus on building strength and flexibility, some on opening facial connective tissue, others on attaining mental calm and focus… all yoga achieving these benefits to some degree, but Ghosh Yoga is concentrated on the organs and glands being affected by the shape of the asana. With this in mind you will begin to notice specific shapes that repeat themselves, like tucking the chin tightly to the throat, pressing the biceps to the ears, deeply forward rounding and backward bending the spine, applying gentle pressure between the eyebrows using your knee. As well as these shapes that repeat this yoga follows a template for practice and deploys other concepts throughout.

In this Master Class we will look closely at:
• balancing exertion and relaxation
• entering and exiting the posture
• stillness in the posture, stillness in between
• bookending with breathing
• single point of focus


Don't be intimidated by the word "master", this is a class for all students looking to deepen their understanding about the practice from a specific topic, or point of reference.  There will be room for discussion and interaction if necessary depending on the scheduled style.


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- 2:00-3:30pm -
Sticky Henderson

Meet Sticky Henderson

Sticky began her yoga practice with Original Hot Yoga: a sequence of 26 posture and 2 breathing exercises from the Ghosh Tradition, done is a very hot and humid environment. It was the heat that attracted her in the first place, but the yoga that made her come back. For a long while she practiced only this one sequence and hit the 1,000 class mark right at the end of 5 years. A thousand classes. Now what. There have to be more postures and other sequences from this tradition, but so little was known beyond this one popular set of postures. So she travelled halfway around the world to find out more. While continuing her personal practice and studies in the Ghosh Tradition, Sticky began to explore all kinds of different yoga classes and styles. “I love the multi-disciplinary format at Samatva. We need a full palate of yoga to complete our spiritual painting and I’m trying to add as many paints as I can."
Nov. 2016 - Yoga Teacher Training at Ghosh’s Yoga College, Calcutta, India Feb. 2018 - Teaching 26 & 2, The Ghosh Yoga Institute, Tucson, Arizona

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