Karma Class for Jacob
West End Apr 27 @ 100pm

Karma Class for Jacob

Yoga inspires connection. Join us in this Karma Yoga Class to practice with a collective intention to share peace, love and humanity. We will move through a empowering practice of movement and a sweet practice of meditation.  This practice will always be open to all levels + ages, especially those with desires to serve.


.This will be a fun (room temperature) practice to honour Samatva Educator, Katie Kyte's sweet nephew, Jacob McKenzie.

Jakey is 16 years old and was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He is currently undergoing treatment at MacCaster Children's Hospital. He's a strong kid and will no doubt come out the other side stronger, but in the meantime he has a tough road to endure.

Katie invites you to join her in a fun yoga practice to send positive healing energy to Jacob and his family.

Donations wil be collected for the Ronald McDonald Family Room at The MacMaster Children's Hospital in Hamilton. This room provides a home away from home while children undergo long hospital stays.

Katie looks forward to sharing this practice with you. If you cannot make it to class, but would like to make a donation, please speak to a member at the studio desk. All donations will directly help children undergoing treatments, and their families.

Space is limited, so arrive early to secure your spot! Children are welcome!


- 1:00 -2:00pm -
Room Temperature, All Ages Welcome

What is Karma Yoga?

Karma Yoga, also known as "the yoga of action," is the practice of serving others, and is one of the yogic paths to self-realization. Sometimes called Seva, or "Service to Others," .

Karma Yoga is a community fundraising yoga class that is open to all levels. 100% of all donations will be given. Thank you to the educators for also donating their time.

You do not have to be a member of Samatva to attend. Pass cards and memberships will not be accepted for attendance. Arrive early as this class will fill up and prebooking is not available.

Attend 20 Minutes Early

Suggested $10-15 but any/all accepted

100% of Donations to Event Cause

No Pre-booking Spaces

Memberships + Class Cards not accepted

Event Educator: Katie Kyte

Meet Katie Kyte

“I am always humbled at what I learn about myself through yoga practice. I practice to keep calm, balanced and centered. I also practice because it’s fun! Bringing something new to someone's life can be nothing but rewarding. I always found myself advocating yoga to friends whom it could help and it was just a natural progression to want to step up and teach them. My baby girl (who is the most profound little yogini), my husband who continues to inspire and encourage, and my beautiful family and wonderful friends.”

thanks for inviting + sharing....

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