I Did It For You | Dedication Challenge
Suspended Temporarily

I Did It For You!
Dedication Challenge

March 1-31, 2020
UPDATE: Will extend once re-opened!

Dedicate this months practice to someone you love. A dedication in yoga practice, is the conscious decision to send positive energy to someone or something other than yourself, that inspires or motivates you to stay present on your mat. By dedicating your practice to someone or something, you share the positive energy that you cultivate on your mat with the community and world around you, thereby making the world a more peaceful, loving, joy-filled place, one person at a time. dedication for your practice can be to a friend or family member, an idea or concept you’re working on, or to a God or higher power that inspires you.

Gift your gift card. At the end of the month, simply complete the gift card by adding a name and circling the level you earned and give it away!  You can now not only share the benefits of your practice each class - they also get to come to the mat with you too!

Deepen your practice What better reason do you need to come to your mat and learn more than for the opportunity to share what you love?

Through this program, you deepen your practice because, simply put, because yoga is about connecting. At first, it might be a connection with the breath, or a place of stillness, or maybe with how the breath and body move in unison. But then, over time and with practice and intention, we can begin to develop a deeper sense of altruism, of selfless giving, which is so vital to the bhakti experience, the yogic path of love and devotion. 

    You may even start to feel yourself as a Yogi. Here are 14 fun signs!

    • You schedule your day around your yoga class . . . or two
    • You own a non-toxic, non-stick, organic, expensive as hell yoga mat and it goes everywhere with you
    • You keep a yoga outfit and mat in your car at all times “just in case”
    • You’d rather wear yoga pants than regular pants, and usually do, even when you’re going out
    • It feels more comfortable to sit in Lotus or Sukhasana. Also, you know what Sukhasana means
    • You know how to “move with your breath,” “melt your heart towards the mat,” and “spiral your thighs inward”
    • You’ve incorporated ujjayi breathing into stressful situations like rush-hour traffic
    • Your Instagram photos are all of you doing yoga
    • You’ve used Namaste as your sign-off
    • Your dream vacation is a yoga retreat
    • You start using Sanskrit words like “asana” instead of saying “pose” in English
    • It feels weird to put shoes on
    • You stand in Tree Pose in line at the grocery store without even realizing it
    • You no longer “do yoga” . . . you now call yourself a yogi



        Here's what you need to do!

        • Register with the link below
        • Grab your card next time your in studio
        • Each class you take - get your stamp - no back stamping sorry
        • At the end of the month, gift your card to your dedication - or whoever you want!

        All recipients of the card will need to redeem in-studio for the first class - then online booking will be available .  Please observe expiry dates.


        Registration Open

        Investment: $75
        non-members/non-card holders

        Class Card Holder: $25
        enter promocode: CCHupgrade @ checkout

        Infinity Member: FREE
        enter promocode: INFINITY100 @ checkout

        All workshops, events + programs are non-refundable

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        Challenge Rules

        Please be sure to have your card with you BEFORE each class - we will not be able to backdate stamping.

          One Week – 5 classes done
          5 Class Card | Exp 1 month – 10 classes done
          One Month Unlimited – 20 classes done
        • TERMS
          No more than 1 Gift card can be redeemed per person. 
          Recipient can be anyone – new or existing student of the studio. 
          You cannot gift it to yourself - sorry

        Let's do it!

        thanks for inviting + sharing....

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