Intro to Energetic Protections + Healing
Sunday March 8 @ 12pm

Intro to Energetic
Protections + Healing

Sunday, March 8
- 12:00-2:00pm -

This deeply healing and informative event is designed for empaths, front line workers such as police, nursing, corrections, or anyone that is looking to protect their precious energy.

If you feel drained when around others or seem to take on the emotions of those around you then this workshop is for you. You will learn ways to keep your energy to yourself and protect against taking on anything that isn’t yours.

This class will start with some deep healing as you are taken through a guided meditation within the chakra centres. The space will be infused with Reiki by two Reiki masters and will start the release of energy blocks during the meditation. You will receive mini hands on Reiki during this time as the practitioners are called to specific areas. Following the group healing session, you will learn some basic practices and tools to protect your energy and gain some stability in your daily lives.

You will all leave with a mini swag bag of protection to start your new practices.

Registration is limited to 15 people.

Meet Amy McEwen

I have 15 years experience as a youth counsellor in detention centres but have been a student of spiritual development for years. I have been sharing the light of positivity, mindfulness, yoga and movement, and healthy ways to cope with emotions with the youth and staff I worked with. Now in this stage of my life I am ready to expand my wellness in a professional setting. I am a certified Reiki Master and have knowledge in chakra balancing, aura clearing, tarot and oracle card readings, and energetic protections/cutting cords. I am also a wellness advocate with Doterra essential oils and enjoy incorporating the emotionally supportive blends during my practice. My unique perspective is a refreshing approach on how to restore balance of mind body and spirit for those with high stress life situations.

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Space is limited to ensure that everyone receives lots of individual attention + typically sells out 7-10 days before event. Please sign up in advance to avoid disappointment.

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