Healthy Hips Workshop
Sunday, Feb 7 @ 9am | Live @ Home

2 hour workshop

Healthy Hips

Live streaming | Yoga @ Home

Whether you're trying to encourage joint nutrition, relieve hip tension or discomfort, decrease stress on your knees and lower back, or increasing balance or mobility...Your hips are the place to start. ⁠

Healthy Hips is an intimate workshop, with a max of ten attendees. Each person will have the opportunity to share their experience and receive one-on-one virtual assistance. ⁠

This workshop is geared towards helping people, on a case-by-case basis, create healthier movement patterns, increase mobility, stability, conscious awareness, and decrease aches and pains around the hip. ⁠

It's a 2hr event that will run through Samatva Yoga Online, on Sunday the 24th starting at 9:00am. After you have registered, we'll set up a free assessment to ensure that you get what you need from the program. Everyone is welcome, snag your spot now!

Meet Reanna Steels

As a massage therapist, I manipulate muscular tissues, ligaments and joints. I also prescribe remedial exercises that proactively support my client's health and assists in rehabilitation. As a yoga and movement educator, I guide people through postures, breathing exercises, remedial exercise, and energetically hold space for people. Ultimately I aim to "encourage conscious embodiment as a way of continuing the expression of health".

I'm passionate about education. Research on effective therapeutic techniques is constantly changing, which means my way of practicing is always changing. I deeply believe in educating my clients on how I am trying to assist their health, and how they can help themselves.

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Live Stream: $40 | 2-HOURS INCL ASSESSMENT

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