Elephant Stories
Saturday October 7 @ 1100am

About the Session

Ganesha is undoubtedly one of the most-loved deities in the Hindu pantheon, likely familiar to every yoga practitioner. We’ve seen countless representations of this sweet-loving god, with his chubby belly and elephant head. And just as countless are the stories and legends in which he is entwined.

His giant head is not without reason—Ganesha is bright, clever, and creative in his problem solving. Whereas other gods rely on courage and strength, Ganesha wins with smarts. In the context of a fluid vinyasa class, we’ll look for Ganesha-like intelligence in dealing with obstacles encountered in deep hip-openers. Open to all levels except new beginners. This workshop includes asana, anatomy and theory.

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Saturday October 7/17 @ 1100am 

2 hours

DOWNTOWN | 397 Princess St, Kingston ON | 613 548 SOUL (6485)

Investment: $35

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About the Facilitator(s):
Liz Huntly + Roland Jensch
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Liz Huntly + Roland Jensch
Liz and Roland's rich teaching is rooted in their own intensive practices. Fundamental knowledge of anatomy and detailed technical instruction forms the basis for leading students towards complex asanas. The focus is not so much on success within the pose, as on creating a space for students to experiment and unfold. The journey is the destination—and the journey takes us to our deepest selves. Liz and Roland’s style is profoundly spiritual, and at the same time playful. They skillfully guide students in discovering and understanding the physical body, creating a potential for mental and energetic transformation. Their teaching is infused with fierce love, joy, and laughter.

Liz and Roland are based in Sydenham, Ontario, where they devote much of their time to hobby farming and communing with nature. They teach workshops, retreats and teacher trainings internationally in both English and German.



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