Ecstatic Dance
Friday March 17 @ 700pm

About the Event

Do you feel called to dance your soul in a full way which reflects your self-expression? Do you want to find your freedom inside in a dance “like nobody is watching”? Do you yearn the deep intimate connection with your inner being, let go of the resistance and feel the bliss of flow again?

Connecting breath with music and movement, Ecstatic Dance Workshop is a dancing meditation divided into five stages: warm up, building up the energies, let go, relaxation and grounding. Each stage has a different rhythm but the dance itself does not have a form.

Join us for a night of transformation, become the dance instead of the dancer and let go of everything which is not serving you anymore. Explore your inner world and feel the life flowing to you the way you deserve it!

The workshop will start and end with guided meditation.

All dance and non-dance enthusiasts are welcome! No age restrictions or previous experience necessary.

All Samatva workshops, events & programs are non refundable and non transferrable within 48 hours of session start date.


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space available

Friday March 17/17 @ 700pm 

2 hours

DOWNTOWN | 397 Princess St, Kingston ON | 613 548 SOUL (6485)

Investment: $18

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Mahaya Sikorsky
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Mahaya Sikorsky
Yoga is an essential part of my life. Yoga asanas in combination with breathing exercises allow me to really feel what is going on in my body, rather than being habitually lost in the stories of my mind. It allows me to tap into a deeper part of myself, the place of true calm power and intuitive knowing. The place of connection, where the whole life is experienced as an amazing exploration and a rare opportunity to express and share with the rest of the world all that unique beauty that resides within each one of us. I am also a trained holistic bodywork practitioner and I am delighted to offer my bodywork services here at Samatva. For more information, please, follow the link:

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