Deepen Your Practice Series

Deepen Your Practice Series

Deepen your practice is a 6 week series designed for experienced yogis who want to explore the wholehearted roots of their yoga practice. This is not about getting into complicated or complex postures, it is about tuning into the deeper meditative aspects of yoga through ancient yoga philosophy, breathing exercises, moment by moment awareness of body sensations, and honouring the true nature of the self, as it is, with complete acceptance and grace.

With proper alignment as a starting point, yogis will be able to move into postures despite their physical challenges or limitations to experience the kind of self reflection that motivates true, lasting change in their attitudes towards their postures, practice and ultimately their postures, practice and lives.


- 9:30 - 11:00AM -
Beth Clark

Meet Beth Clark

Why Yoga? Why not!! It's the most challenging, enriching, enlivening and fulfilling way to spend my time. After class the cells in my body literally feel fuller, my joints move with grace and my brain feels clearer. I try, both on and off the mat, to be aligned and free, grounded and light and authentic and true.

EDUCATION / OTHER CERTIFICATIONS: from Queen's, BAH in Intellectual History, BEd History and English, Vipassana (Insight Meditation) Teacher, Enlightenment Intensive Master, Yoga Teacher Trainings in Shivananda, Yin, Moksha, Moksha Flow. Master Class weekends with Eric Shiffman, Jivamukti, Anna Forrest, Byron Katie. Almost daily student of Bikram for 12 years. Background of dance from a young age. In addition, she also completed the Ghosh training in Calcutta in 2017

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Investment: $99 | 6 Weeks

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We are unable to offer make up classes for this series. Thank you for making sure your six classes will work with your yoga schedule. We will not be hosting classes on holiday weekends.

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