8 Limbs, Not Only 2 Arms + 2 Legs | An Introduction to the Yamas + Niyamas
Saturday November 11 @ 230pm

About the Session

Practicing yoga as described in the Yoga Sutras of Pantajali means practicing eight limbs: four externally oriented limbs, Yama, niyama, asana and pranayama, and four internally oriented limbs, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. By practicing all eight limbs the impurities of the body and mind that prevent us from realizing the true nature of the soul will be removed.

In this all level workshop we will use the third limb, the asana practice, the postures, as an entry point to discover how to put in action the first two limbs, the Yamas, the behaviours which regulate how we relate to others, and the Niyamas, the commitments to ourselves, the principles we should follow in our daily life.

We will end the workshop with breath work as to access the fourth limb, Pranayama.

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Saturday November 11/17 @ 230pm 

2 hours

DOWNTOWN | 397 Princess St, Kingston ON | 613 548 SOUL (7685)

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About the Facilitator(s):
Frederique Seroude
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Frederique Seroude
Everyday I show up on my mat, everyday brings something different, an opportunity to learn about myself mentally and physically and I try to carry what I have learnt with me through the day. I have done my 200 hours teacher training with Mona Warner. Since I have taken multiple workshops with Richard Freeman, Meghan Currie, Leslie Kaminoff, Advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest, annual workshops with Kino McGregor, and am now learning under the guidance of my teacher David Robson.

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