Paying Attention to Your Energy Patterns

Whether it’s different seasons, different years, or different times of day, all bring subtle energies to bear upon the mind and body. In our go, go, go culture, we do not stop to acknowledge the differences between the outward-moving activity of summer and the dormancy and ingathering of energies in the winter, the awakening shakti energies of the spring and the contemplative, melancholy fall. We are expected to ignore our connection to nature and to life and produce, expelling our psychic energies at all times to serve our family, our businesses, and the insatiable demands of our economy. In itself, this lifestyle is enough to produce profound stresses on the energy body of an individual. For someone with stress damage, it is not a sustainable or healing way to live…

As in physical nature, the liminal in time opens the portal to healing and sacred energies. Equinoxes, solstices, sunrises, and sunsets all offer experiences to shift and heal the energy body. I invite you to pay close attention to your energy patterns during the seasons and during the day. What times are you filled with energy? When are you called to rest and go inward? When can you feel the presence of healing power or spiritual connection? Resolve to join with the power of nature for your own healing. You may find resistance from those around you, but you will also be teaching them and modeling a saner, more conscious, and sacred way to be in the world.

Tuning in to Acknowledge Connectivity

We are all intimately connected with the movements of the Earth. No matter how removed we may be from the soil, even those who live and work in high rise buildings are influenced by the movements of the planet—whether they tune into it or not. When you do tune in, you give yourself a profound gift. You acknowledge your connectivity to all living beings, and to the Earth itself.  This can open up doorways for your own growth, progress and transformation as—assisted by the natural cycles of this planet we share—you purposefully harness that energy for your own life shifts. In ancient times, before high rise buildings, electric lights, airtight houses and computers, humans the world over acknowledged the cycles of nature, and the seasonal shifts.

Creating a Slower Internal Rhythm

When fall unfolds, nature begins to pull its energy inward. The earth cools, the air becomes dry, and the wind kicks up, often leading to chapped lips, constipation, anxiety, or even insomnia. For this reason, Ayurvedic educator and yoga teacher Scott Blossom views fall as a transitional time between summer and winter that should be approached delicately.”Creating a slower internal rhythm for fall is essential for staying healthy and balanced during the colder months of the year,” he says. – Andrea Ferretti, Yoga Journal, Season Finale

about the sama-set yoga class style

Sama-Set is a radical experience combining breath, body, meditation and relaxation.

Each month we will introduce a NEW Hatha Yoga sequence that enable students in deepening their yoga inquiry & understanding of the relationships of the energetic and physical bodies working together. This dynamic class embraces the teachings of Hatha and Raja Yoga merged and can change your life. It encourages us to look at deepening our understanding of how we connect to ourselves and our environment, moves us physically to strengthen and reduce tension, mentally calms and clarifies and emotionally releases and cleanses.

Students new and advanced can expect to leave feeling centered, balanced, refreshed and open with new tools to tap into the true expression of who they really are.

Included in each class:

  • monthly theme/yoga posture focus
  • pranayama (yogic breathing exercises)
  • guided mediation (seated or reclined | 5-10 min each class)
  • yogic philosophy

Why this style?

We need foundations. Theory can help us to create intention in our practice and then our experience integrates into our understanding. This class will deepen any students understanding of the yoga practice.

past sama-set themes

  • Honouring Natural Rhythms | A Fall Grounding Class – Oct 2017
  • Remembering the End Point – June 2017
  • The Cycle’s of Life – Feb 2017
  • Sivananda In-Style – Jan 2017
  • The Elements – Dec 2016
  • Vata Pacifying – Oct/Nov 2016

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Peace, Love & Grooviness,

Samatva Yoga

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