October Sama-Set: Vata Pacifying

Introducing: “vata-pacifying”

It’s the fall and that means Vata is in full effect! According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, in our neck of the woods, Autumn (Vata Season) is a time to prioritize grounding

  • Practice should be strengthening and revitalizing but never draining or depleting. It is not the time to become exhausted and ungrounded.
  • Always move at a slow, smooth, steady pace. Let your poses be fluid (not staccato or rigid.). Move like you are moving through water.
  • Poses should encourage stability, but don’t hold for too long that you become rigid.
  • Let your awareness return over and over to your feet and your legs, the foundation of the pose. Imagine staying connected to the earth. Emphasize rooting down through your big toes even as you feel your heels deep in the earth.

Vata represents the wind, the ethers, and movement. To pacify we want to ground and to connect to the strong earth energy that supports us. Tricky, fickle vata likes us to believe that our challenges are bigger than us, and oftentimes manifests as creating issues and making up stories. It’s mental trickery. With the aid of yoga and Ayurveda we can become our own caretakers, prescribing ourselves with the tools and techniques to maintain optimal health and to live life fully, and more joyfully.

about the sama-set yoga class style

Sama-Set is a radical experience combining breath, body, meditation and relaxation.

Each month we will introduce a NEW Hatha Yoga sequence that enable students in deepening their yoga inquiry & understanding of the relationships of the energetic and physical bodies working together. This dynamic class embraces the teachings of Hatha and Raja Yoga merged and can change your life. It encourages us to look at deepening our understanding of how we connect to ourselves and our environment, moves us physically to strengthen and reduce tension, mentally calms and clarifies and emotionally releases and cleanses.

Students new and advanced can expect to leave feeling centered, balanced, refreshed and open with new tools to tap into the true expression of who they really are.

Included in each class:

  • monthly theme/yoga posture focus
  • pranayama (yogic breathing exercises)
  • guided mediation (seated or reclined | 5-10 min each class)
  • yogic philosophy

Why this style?

We need foundations. Theory can help us to create intention in our practice and then our experience integrates into our understanding. This class will deepen any students understanding of the yoga practice.

past sama-set themes

  • Vata Pacifying – Oct/Nov 2016

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