Lesson Learned: Body Tension

The greatest weapon over stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.William James

the intention

Discovering the roots of our tension.

Where does it come from?

Today, through breath and body awareness, we’re going to work with and through our body tension.

In the yogic perspective, every tension has a cause that lies behind it. Ask yourself today what’s causing you to be tense?  Where do you hold this tension?

Tension could originate from many things: a relationship, work, anger, fatigue, caffeine, even something that happened during childhood.  Muscle tension blocks the natural flow of lymph, hormones, nerve impulses, blood and pranic energy.  Eventually these blockages affect other parts of the body creating weaknesses and lowering resistance to disease and infection.

It’s the ripple effect.

Tension may also be caused by excess like foods, exercise, work, even rest.  The key is to discover your own needs for balance in your life.

Our yoga practice teaches us how we can use our body tension as a learning tool to guide us ito the areas of ourselves that need work.

Try this in savasana.

so let’s try something

  1. Lie in shavasana.
  2. Tune into the body on the ground.  Feel the parts of the body that touch the ground.  Pay close attention to the breath.  This can be very difficult because if the mind is busy, it moves much faster than the breath.  The breath may feel awkwardly slow compared to the speed of your thoughts.  Acknowledge this without judging.
  3. In your mind’s eye, gently look inside for the tight areas:  explore where you hold tension and what’s causing it.
  • If your shoulders and neck are tight, ask them why.
  • Keep your eyes closed and let your mind open up – a few simple works or visuals may come to you.
  • Take the time to look clearly to see what’s there.

Be open and receptive for all the other benefits of yoga to come at anytime during your day.

Watch your anger factor.  Uncontrolled emotions can use up a great deal of energy.  A fuw minutes of anger can use more energy than a day of physical labor.

  1. The pose should bee bright and light, otherwise it becomes heavy and clogged.
  2. Change will happen once the mind’s ability to control has been removed.

about the lesson learned series

Our blog series entitled Lesson Learned is designed from a teachers perspective. We see so much, feel so much and have learned so much. This is our sharing ground from the front of the room.

If you would like to read more from this series, please click here: http://yogasamatva.com/?s=lesson+learned

The light and love in me bows to the light and love in you.
Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

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