Lesson Learned: Beginning Lessons

Your yoga begins when you leave the classroom.
It’s how you relate to people and how you relate to the world.
Your yoga is the giving and receiving.
It’s the wellness between inner and outer worlds.
Your yoga is living the purpose of your life.
Your yoga is to spread peace, one person at a time.

Welcome to our new blog series Lesson Learned: A Teachers Perspective. We see so much, feel so much and have learned so much. This is our sharing ground from the front of the room.

The light and love in me bows to the light and love in you.
Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

Beginning Lessons

Welcome to the ancient science of yoga. Before we begin, I want to go over a few things you should know to make your experience in yoga class the best it can be.

  • Yoga is practiced in bare feet, so please take off your shoes and socks.  Our feet have tiny little receptors on the bottom so when our feet are bare, we can feel the earth beneath us and it helps improve our balance.
  • Come to class with an empty stomach.  Wait about 2 to 3 hours after a big meal, about an hour after a snack.
  • Please turn off your cellphones as you enter the front.  It’s time to unplug.
  • Try to come to class a few minutes early (15-20).  Consider being prompt as part of your practice.
  • Let us know of any pre-existing injury or special conditions so we can help.
  • Do your best to let go of any competitive mind-set with yourself or with others.  Yoga is absolutely non-competitive.  It’ not just a workout; it’s a spiritual practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible, and generally much healthier.  But the aim is to calm the mind, open the heart, and stimulate your own spiritual evolution.

Within the last few years, the practice of yoga has been praised for its stress reducing capabilities.  Basically, it works like this: stress and tension cause the body to tighten up.  Tension literally blocks off the flow of energy.

In yoga, we us tht asanas – postures, and the breath to learn to open every constricted area of the body and mind.  This helps to release and erase tension.  As the body relaxes and opens, the mind also becomes calm and less busy.

When the mind is less busy, negative feelings such as anxiety, fear and anger melt away.  The mind then begin to open up to things like patience, acceptance and compassion.

Practicing yoga is a healing process.  It’s not about getting poses picture-perfect, it’s about being sensitive to your own body and quiet enough to hear your own inner voice.

The one ground rule we have is to please stay within your physical limitations.  This means listening carefully to what your body is telling you and honouring its messages, erring on the side of safety.  If you want to grow and heal, you have to take responsibility for listening to yourself.

Most of all, have fun.  This should feel good!

Keep your mind on what you’re doing.  When your mind wanders off to work, worries, or responsibilities, bring it back to the moment.

  1. Listen to your inner teacher.  He/she has much to teach you.
  2. The body’s language is sensation.  Listen to what the body tells you.
  3. Yoga is a time-tested path for developing a deeper experience of yourself and the world.
  4. Be kinds and loving to yourself by accepting yourself just as you are.
  5. Many of us are physically stressed because we believe our mind and bodies are seperate

about the lesson learned series

Our blog series entitled Lesson Learned is designed from a teachers perspective. We see so much, feel so much and have learned so much. This is our sharing ground from the front of the room.

If you would like to read more from this series, please click here: http://yogasamatva.com/?s=lesson+learned

The light and love in me bows to the light and love in you.
Om. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti.

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