June Sama-Set: Remember the End Point with Vinyasa by the Clock

Introducing: “Remember the End Point with Vinyasa by the Clock”

Practice to REMEMBER THE END POINT. A yoga practice should develop your ability to be single-pointed at any moment, if you should choose to be.

In any sequence of events, there is a beginning, a duration in between and an end point. In the middle there are many many moments. A sequence of events may be short, like a yoga class, starting with OM, ending with OM and many points in between. The could be the asanas (postures) or the breath or even smaller, the incoming and/or the outgoing breath. It could also be long, like the relationships we spend our lives in, friends or careers we choose.

Yogi’s studied not only the points in the sequence of events, but also the space between the points (or moments) . At each opportunity, always REMEMBERING THE END POINT (or their desired outcome of any sequence of events) and thus realizing that they could come to the desired finish quicker, clearer and reducing/repairing their karmic debris.

There are two things that determine the end of the sequence of events.
1. Your karma. What you did right before it and back and back (past actions) and
2. Your intention. What’s on your mind or what you were thinking about in between those dimensionless moments in time, …..the spaces……or in between each breath or during each breath.

Your intention, together with your karmas (personal, family, global karma etc) will determine the next thing to occur…..for normal people. Yogi’s, however, like to play with this…..because WE CAN!!!

What occupies the space between the moments in your life? A flood of things! Or, you could say, unconsciousness. Don’t most people reach a point in their life and go how did I get here? Or they look back and say. Oh my goodness, if only on November 23 I had of…..(insert unconscious thought/action etc here). …..

Let us come to the mat, and, at a medium pace (in breath pace and posture rhythm), with good intention of achieving our “desired end point”, move together, recognizing all the moments, the spaces between, our tendencies to avert and cling, to become lazy or aggressive and just work together to find a peaceful open heart, even in the challenging, uncomfortable times.

Let’s learn how NOT to fall too far off the path by strengthening the muscle of awareness and , or course……REMEMBERING THE END POINT!!

What’s your intention? What do you want from life?

about the sama-set yoga class style

Sama-Set is a radical experience combining breath, body, meditation and relaxation.

Each month we will introduce a NEW Hatha Yoga sequence that enable students in deepening their yoga inquiry & understanding of the relationships of the energetic and physical bodies working together. This dynamic class embraces the teachings of Hatha and Raja Yoga merged and can change your life. It encourages us to look at deepening our understanding of how we connect to ourselves and our environment, moves us physically to strengthen and reduce tension, mentally calms and clarifies and emotionally releases and cleanses.

Students new and advanced can expect to leave feeling centered, balanced, refreshed and open with new tools to tap into the true expression of who they really are.

Included in each class:

  • monthly theme/yoga posture focus
  • pranayama (yogic breathing exercises)
  • guided mediation (seated or reclined | 5-10 min each class)
  • yogic philosophy

Why this style?

We need foundations. Theory can help us to create intention in our practice and then our experience integrates into our understanding. This class will deepen any students understanding of the yoga practice.

past sama-set themes

  • Remembering the End Point – June 2017
  • Copy of The Cycle’s of Life – Feb 2017
  • Sivananda In-Style – Jan 2017
  • The Elements – Dec 2016
  • Vata Pacifying – Oct/Nov 2016

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Samatva Yoga

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