Anjali Mudra: Prayer Seal

Anjali is a Sanskrit term meaning “honour or offering.” While Anjali Mudra has several meanings, it is typically associated with offering an intention for a yoga pose practice. It's there for an appropriate seal to perform at the beginning of practice, though it may also be used during the Sun Salutation poses, depending on your style of yoga. The benefits of Prayer Seal include opening the heart, clearing the mind, and reducing stress, anxiety, and worry. It reminds us to practice harmony, balance, and silence in our lives. Prayer Seal supports meditation practices by creating an automatic feeling of reverence.

To practice, Begin by bringing the hands in front of the chest at the heart level with the palms flat and touching each other. Alternatively, you can interlace the thumbs, leaving a small hollow space between the palms. You should feel a slight heat between the palms. Keeping your spine erect, slide your shoulder blades down the back and slightly bow your head. As you practice Prayer Seal, cultivate a receptive, humble, or prayerful attitude. If you wish, set an intention for your practice. You may incorporate this mudra at the beginning and ending of many poses seal the emotional energy of the pose into your heart.

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