Trust: Have Courage and Trust Yourself

Work with your body just as it is.

If yoga is just being ware of how things are now, then will you just be okay with whatever happens and never change or grow? Will you become lazy b being content? Yoga doesn’t make us passive in situations that aren’t good for us. It puts us in touch with your needs, our feelings, our current situation and gives us the courage to respect and listen to our own voice. Awareness empowers our ability to act in a way that is good for us. When we become more aware that a pose is painful, then we have a choice to be kind to ourselves and free ourselves gently from it. This is true for areas of our lives beyond the mat too.

Yoga encourages us to be able to hold onto what can seem like two contradictory ideas at once – to become more comfortable with exactly where and who we are and to expand our ability to work toward finding what is right for us. Yoga helps us tolerate the inevitable paradox of being alive, then over time even to welcome life’s paradoxes.

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Detox, Peace Out, (em)Power, Restore and Live Free. With studio locations in both Kingston West End and Downtown we guarantee that you will find a practice right for you. Experience over 70 drop-in Hot and Room Temperature classes per week. Sweat, move, and open, relax, restore, cleanse and invigorate. Explore and deepen your yoga practice with one of our 25+ YogaAlliance Certified Educators as they guide you on the inner journey of self-inquiry. We have now been inspiring happy, healthy, peaceful lives in our Kingston community for almost 15 years and continue to grow and thrive, and bring calm and joy to people in our ever-growing city. Be alive. Be strong. Be fit. Be Happy. Just be.

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