Spring Green Smoothie

Green smoothies have many health benefits, and can include spinach, lettuce, kale, and collard greens; for the more advanced green smoothie drinker, you can also add parsley, dandelion greens, watercress — really, any leafy green veggie your palate can handle, and enjoy. Bananas, apples, pears, avocado, and mango are great companions in these beverages.

  • Green smoothies offer pure nutrition.
  • Green smoothies are much healthier than fruit or vegetable juices.
  • Green smoothies are a great way to eat your veggies without even realizing it.
  • Green smoothies are easy and quick to make.
  • Homemade green smoothies are cheap.
  • Green smoothies can be a good way to get kids to “eat” their vegetables.
  • Green smoothies will provide you with a lasting source of energy.
  • Green smoothies are low in calories but very filling.
  • Green smoothies are easy to digest.
  • Green smoothies will keep you hydrated.


10 fl oz | 3 Servings | 130 Calories

6 fl oz unsweetened almond milk
1 medium apple, cored and quartered
1 orange, peeled and halved
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1 cup fresh spinach
¼ cup high-protein granola
2 cups ice cubes

Great add ins are fresh lemon and ginger or mint to give a spring zip!


*blend on smoothie:)

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