Journal Club | September Prompts

“”Equal dark, equal light
Flow in Circle, deep insight
Blessed Be, Blessed Be
The transformation of energy!
So it flows, out it goes
Three-fold back it shall be
Blessed Be, Blessed Be
The transformation of energy!”
Night An'Fey, Transformation of Energy

1. What is in the news today? How do you feel about it?
2. Where do you want to be right now?
3. How have you improved someone else’s life? What did you do? How did you help them? How did this help you?
4. Write one of your individual gifts or skills. How do you use this to improve the world around you?
5. What was the worst thing that happened to you today? How did it affect the rest of your day?
6. Right one specific goal to accomplish in the next week. It doesn’t have to be huge! Just one goal.
7. What is one way you can prove the next week?
8. When do you feel at peace?
9. Look at your day from your six-year-old self. What would they wish you done differently? What would they be proud of?
10. Make a list of everything that is adding stress to your life. What is one thing that you have control over on that list?
11. What is a habit or vice that you would like to change? Why? List 10 things you can do instead of that thing.
12. When do you feel joy?
13. Write in a stream of consciousness. Write for 10 minutes straight. If that’s too much to handle, right for 3 – 5 minutes straight. No filter. No sensor. Just write.
15. Who have you help today? Be specific – how did you help?
16. Make a list of five things that lift your mood. Put it somewhere where you can reference it often.
17. What is one habit you’re grateful for it? How does that happen improve the quality of your life?
18. In what ways are you better today than you were a year ago?
19. List every tiny victory you had today.
20. What is one way you can improve in the next 24 hours?
21. Take a moment to sit in silence. Where is your attention drawn?
22. When do you feel helpful?
23. What is the best part of a rainy day?
24. What is one thing you wish you could do?
25. Name one thing you say you think, and don’t really.
26. What is your current favorite meal?
27. What is your first memory of one friend?
28. Name one piece of advice you wish you had of ignored.
29. What are you waiting for?
30. What is the best restaurant in your town? And when was the last time you ate there?
31. What have you learned today?

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