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Each of us seeks a treasure. It is elusive and difficult to achieve. It attracts us even when we aren’t sure of its contents. The longing for it sustains us on rough and dangerous terrain. In the searching we already possess the sought-for.Joan Puls, Franciscan nun and spiritual writer

It has become fashionable these days to use the works “addictive” and “disruptive” as a compliment for a new technology or Internet startup.  But let’s think about what these words actually mean and decide whether we really think it is desirable to have people hooked on a technology or to disrupt an entire segment of the economy.  If we turn people into zombies by getting them to play some electronic game, or if we kill a sector of the economy with a new app, is that really a good thing?


This evening, as you think about your own life,

  • what has you hooked?
  • what has you losing control of your own time, of your own psyche, or your own wallet?
  • can you dial back the hold that new technologies have on you?
  • imagine what you could do with an extra hour or two every day.
  • imagine what projects could be taken off the back burner and brought to completion


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