Journal Club | Welcome! + January Prompts

Hello 2017! We’re happy to meet you! We have a new Challenge.

I’ve (Jaime) decided to begin something new. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called bullet journlling. Brain dumping, challenges, agendas on you own design, lists, you name it – you create it! A few things I found to be very important that I wanted to include was daily gratitudes, one sentence each day to remind me what happened, habit trackers and personal journaling prompts! So if you’re interested in joining me this year, I will be posting the months questions all year long, on the studio blog + private facebook page to get you creative writing juices flowing! You don’t need to “bullet journal” to partake…..just grab a beautiful book and answer each week. Do one a day, or all at once! You choose……..happy journey!

Let me know if your joining the challenge. Leave a comment below! If we get a great group together we can meet routinely to progress and share and “satsang” it up!

1. What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
2. What are you happiest about leaving behind in 2016?
3. What were the highlights/most important events from 2016?
4. How did you feel blessed in 2016?
5. What are the top three things you want to see happen or to change into 2017? Why those things?
6. What creative projects do you want to start or make progress on this year?
7. What are your goals this year? How about for just the next six months?
8. Did you choose a mantra for the year? What is it?
9. What three words would you use to define 2017?
10. Write your letter to your child(ren)
11. Put together a playlist for 2017
12. Describe where you’re starting in relation to your goals
13. What are the first steps in making the changes you want?
14. Write a letter to your 2016 self, reviewing the year and talking about your hopes for 2017
15. Make a wish list for the coming year
16. What new traditions were you start this year?
17. What obstacles my face in 2017? How will you handle them?
18. Write about how a new year feels
19. What is on your 2017 reading list?
20. What is beginning right now?
21. What world events happened in 2016 that you consider important?
22. Write a prayer for your country or the world in general for 2017
23. Who around you could use some encouragement this year? How can you provide it?
24. What lists do you keep?
25. What does winter look like right now?
26. Write about stillness
27. Take a walk in the woods and write about your experience
28. What’s the funniest thing you heard today?
29. What’s on your “to make” list?
30. Conduct a financial review of this month – how did it go? What can you do differently next month?
31. What famous books have you read? Which unread ones interest you?

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