Thank You Samatva Community! All the way from Kenya!

With your help, we have raised and donated over $800 to Kenya Help this winter!

In the fall we began our bi-annual mat clean out and deemed quite a few “abandoned” mats from past students. In our $10 previously loved mat sale we have been able to give back a great deal to Kenya Help.

Nancy Stevens is a personal friend of Samatva Yoga studio owner, Jaime Wood and visits Kenya to continue her projects each year. 100% of the donations raised are contributed directly back to all the projects she does. When she visits she works along with all the volunteers that pay their own way just to help out! She truly is amazing.

She is a remarkable woman and her project truly changes lives.

Current Project

The Women’s Empowerment Centre will provide vocational education for vulnerable girls with little to no education. Some of the girls have been married off at a young age, undergone female genital mutilation, and/or have been subjected to multiple abuses. They have not had the opportunity to be educated, or learn new skills. With the new Centre opening, they will be taught computer skills, sewing, farming and other various trades, therefore being able to change the path for their future, their families and even their community. Your support for the children in Kenya has been remarkable, we thank you!

Nancy Stevens in Kenya and the newly built Women’s Empowerment Centre

Thank you everyone that purchased a mat and/or left your mat behind to donate to our fundraiser!

Please follow Nancy and stay up to date on all the amazing things she is doing and ways you can help!


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