New Class Style: Luna Flow & Restore

Enjoy an all-levels hatha class that focuses on hips and low back. Perfect for runners, athletes, women who are pregnant, as well as for anyone needing to give their hips and back a little love! Luna will include breathing, postures and relaxation so you leave feeling wonderful.

Finish this class with Restore! Whether you’re 18 or 80, restorative-focused yoga is for you. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing end to your week in a class that guides you to realign the body naturally with love and care. Using a bolster, explore all 6 movements of the spine and learn gentle repair therapy exercises to realign shoulders and hips. Give yourself lots of love, kindness and care.

Finish your work week with the relaxing effects of breathing, hip/back therapy and restorative yoga.

Great for all levels

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