Enter Educator: Piper (Andrea) Pritchard

A little voice inside my head told me that I just had to try yoga. And once I listened, there was no going back. Yoga has brought a sense of connection and balance to every part of my life: physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Everything’s better with yoga!

I teach because it is my way of giving back and sharing what yoga has given to me. My hope is for all people to accept themselves in the packages that they come, to find a deep love and acceptance of who they are, good and bad and to find the strength to heal that which needs to heal. And to be given a forum to spread that message, to be given an opportunity to connect and share loving energy with so many amazing people, what a lucky ducky I am!

Piper (Andrea) Pritchard demonstrating Virabhadrasana II, the warrior II pose.

Why Yoga

Yoga helps guide me back home, getting me out of me head, creating the space needed to see my thoughts for what they are, leading me back to my inner knowing and connectivity to all.  Yoga is so much more than the Asanas; it is a way of life and I cannot imagine living without it.

How I live my practice

How I live my practice is a constant evolution; as I learn, grow and change, so does my practice both on and off the mat. I am currently working on mindfulness, accepting things as they are, being at peace with who and where I am, and knowing that each moment is perfectly as it is supposed to be, rich with lessons. Living mindfully often isn’t easy, especially when sitting with painful emotions that I was taught to run away from, but healing only comes from leaning into and embracing the pain and discomfort, so I choose this path every damn day…well, most days

Where am I most challenged by my practice

Every day offers a new challenge.  Sometimes it is getting on my mat.  Other times it is meditating in quiet stillness.  While other days, it is living the Yamas and Niyamas.  Doing the best that I can with where I am at that day, is all I can do.

The one thing I can’t live without

My breath; literally and figuratively.  Clearly I could not survive without my breath, but it is also essential in keeping me grounded, present and in a state of responsiveness, as opposed to reactivity.  It reminds me that being at home in my body is safe and real and healing.

The book I keep at my beside table

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. When stuff comes up in my body, I automatically look to this resource to help me identify what emotions may have triggered this response.

How I have fun off my mat

I love to play volleyball, to jump on my bike and to spend time outside. And of course, to wrestle with my two little ones who’s smiles and laughter light up my heart.

What I know for sure

That I am alive. That I am not my thoughts. And though I have no concrete proof, I am certain that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

What I am committed to

Above and beyond my family, I am committed to healing, to peeling back the layers of who I have become to find who I have always been. This certainly isn’t an easy process, but seeing what I have shed and how much lighter, healthier and more authentic I have become, makes it all worthwhile!

What I share in my teaching

I like to share what I am exploring personally and seeking to live…right now it is all about mindfulness, connecting to and honouring oneself.



Education / Other Certifications

200YTT with Mona Warner.  YTT for Individuals with Cancer.  Bachelor of Arts – Major Sociology

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