Congratulations 30 Day Challengers

Over 30 days they came, they went, they breathed and sweat. Just a couple of days ago, our amazing crew of dedicated Challengers celebrated 30 straight days of practice in a row.

We have been thrilled to host this journey and facilitate the inquiry.


Katrina Heim, Erica Frank, Brittney Armitage-Brown, Deanna Bennett, Marnie McGlade, Morgann Rymal, Tracey Malle, Royah K, Kim Strahan, Carolyn Gauthier, Connie Forrest, Rachel Girard, James Raleigh, Kate Andrusko, Cindy Vallier, Avonlea Martin, Junstine Carlone, Mark Lewis, Cindy Mills, Karen Dunlop, Jeein Kim, Angela Bonnevie, Laura Routledge, Kirsty Milne….and a few additional to be named.


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