1 Hour Cancellation Window

In mid-April we began including notices in our reservation confirmation emails that our ‘late cancellation’ policy grace period was ending.  Very quickly we changed the window to cancel a class 2 hours to 1 hour based on studio feedback. While we find that 1 hour is not enough time for students to be fully prepared to visit that were waiting, we want to remind you that you DO NOT need to pre-book, simply attend 20-25 minutes early for class as there is always a % of space left for walk-ins.

Beginning April 18th, 2017, online cancellations were no longer be available less than 1 hour before a class begins. For example, if a class is taking place at Noon, the cancellation window will close at 11:00am. Please note that if  you are on an unlimited packages and do not cancel 1 hour in advance you will be charged a $5 fee. If you have a class class card package, not canceling before the 1 hour window will result in the loss of a class.

We understand there are often circumstances that may occur within the 1 hour window that are beyond your control. If there is situation within the 1 hour window that will prevent you from attending class, email us at questions@yogasamatva.com . As long as you’ve made an effort BEFORE CLASS BEGINS + VIA EMAIL ONLY to advise us you can not attend an upcoming previously booked class, the fee or docked class will be waived.  Contact with the studio after the class has begun will void this option – sorry.

In addition, all ‘late cancellation’ fees will be added to your studio profile as ‘owing’ and will be required to be settled before attending your next class.  On the 1st of each month, our system will automatically process all accounts in arrears to provided payment information.  So you can also just update your cards and we will do it for you!

Class Attendance + Online Reservations
Though you can sign up for classes online, you must ALWAYS check-in at the desk before 10 minutes before class begins otherwise you will be marked as a “late cancel” and you reservation released. All “late cancels” are subject to a $5 fee/class pass deduction for each occurrence and settled before next class. Samatva Yoga reserves the right to refuse online sign-ups at our discretion. We only allow 50% of class space to be reserved online in advance so we always have room from walk-ins. Class reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance and you can remove yourself via your MBO account up to 1 hour before class starts. No class reservations/cancellation via email or phone. Our system automatically processes accounts in arrears every 30 days.


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