Outside As Antidote

The mountains are calling and I must go.John Muir, naturalist

These days we spend so much time in the virtual world that we are in danger of becoming brains in vats.  Our physical bodies atrophy as do our social skills and life skills.  The real and the virtual are not exactly opposites; they bleed into one another.  But let’s not forget the old ways of doing things, with a handshake and a smile.  As we build new worlds, extending into cyberspace and outer space, let’s remember our grandparents, who worked the soil with their own hands, who ran the mills and factories from whistle to whistle.

LIVE YOGA: When you are feeling low on insight, when nothing makes sense – though your mind is racing – go outside.  Go outside this evening, if only for a few minutes.  You don’t need mush of an agenda, other than paying attention.  Listen to the squirrel clucking in the pine, the drone of distant cars on the highway.  Feel the cold or the humidity on your face.  You will start to feel better within minutes: less confused, more alert, more focused.  Spending time in nature is like a bath for the mind.


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