We have a late cancellation policy
please read for all online bookings

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LATE CANCELLATION POLICY – Be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to class scheduled time. All classes run the chance of filling beforehand. To ensure your spot, you can reserve online. Online reservations are available to 50% of the class space, the remaining 50% will be filled on a first come basis. If you reserve online, you must cancel online 2 hours 1 hour prior to class or you are considered a “late cancellation”. Cancellations cannot be made by phone or e-mail ever. All students who have booked online reservations and have not arrived within 10 minutes of class start time will be considered “Late Cancellations” and their spot released to waiting students. Passcard holders will be deducted 1 class pass for late cancellation. Unlimited Membership holders will be charged $5 for late cancellation. If the student arrives and there is space in class, they will be permitted to attend without the “Late Cancellation” fee, however future online privileges may be revoked if abused. All cancellation fees are to be paid before attending your next class.

We thank you for your feedback and have updated the late cancellation period to be 1 hour before your scheduled class start. It is our hopes to simply have this program be beneficial for everyone as a whole.

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