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Keep your rate this summer by holding your Infinity Membership…..why cancel if you’re returning!

It takes 72 hours to process requests

As we work with emails on tuesday & thursday each week, we thank you for your patience as it sometimes can take us a few days to process your hold or cancellation submission request. Please note, all requests will be dated from the day you submit your electronic request form (no emails accepted) and you will receive an electronic confirmation both from your request submission and in the form a studio confirmation that everything has been processed.

If for some reason you have not received your confirmation within a week, let us know and be sure to forward your initial request on to

Stay on your mat!

Even though you aren’t at Samatva, please stay practicing! We will miss you.

Take your mat!

Even if you are just holding.  Mat storage is for active memberships only and all mats on inactive memberships (holds too!) will be considered abandoned after 14 days.

All “abandoned”  mats will be sold bi-annually with the proceeds going to our charity of the month.

Suspension Request

Are you going away? Home for the holidays? Summer just a bit too busy? Don’t loose your membership rate just because you will not be practicing for a short period. Put it on hold! As long as you will be returning in the next 4 months, this is by far your best option.

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Cancellation Request

Not finding the time? Our 4 month hold option won’t be long enough? Tell us your story, sometimes we can make an exception (eg. placements, longer travel, pregnancy) We understand life happens. If you still think that cancelling your membership and losing your awesome rate is the only way to go, simply request a cancellation form below. Please remember, you cannot cancel your membership from a hold status, you must give final payment notice (30 days), your account must be in good standing (nothing owing) and you have completed your initial base commitment. Please see term and conditions section for more information to your initial contract.

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  1. Thank you for being so wonderful! I am going to miss Yoga at your studio, and will miss each and every teacher I met. I will return again i’m sure, but for now, I will have to leave as I am unable to commit to coming to classes even once a month because of family responsibilities.

    Thank you Jamie, Jill, Justine, Katie, Piper, Mahaya, Frederique, Deanna, and all the Samatva teachers for all your dedication, commitment and knowledge! See you again, soon.

    Best wishes,
    with love,

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