Journey Through the Chakras


In Yogic tradition, the human body has seven energy centers called ”chakras”. When these energy centers are healthy and open, so are we! – physically, emotionally, and in our relationships. But when they are blocked, through injury, illness, or disconnection from others, we are blocked from being our BEST selves.

Kicking off this 8 Workshop Series, with studio founder Jaime Wood, is our full spectrum practice “From Root to Crown.” Get a taste of what to expect and help decide how to delve into “your journey” as we brush the surface of this subtle anatomy.

This is a great place to start to get your answers for “Which chakra sessions do I choose to attend?”, “What are these all about?”, “How does my practice and lifestyle impact my energy system?”, “How can I look to current issues to determine the techniques/practices to heal/harmonize?”, “I’m so curious about the chakra system, I want to know more!”

This workshop will include explanation of the chakra system, followed by a practice that will guide you through poses, affirmations, mantras and meditation that open and balance the chakras.

More than a series of exercises, this is a complete mind-body-spirit practice.

Each person will take home their own personalized wrist mala (bracelet) to continue their work. (only one per participant regardless of number of workshops attended in this series. be sure to bring it to each class.)

The 8 Workshops

  • From Root to Crown: A Journey Through the Chakras
  • Earth: From Which We Came
  • Water: Riding the Waves of Life
  • Fire: Stoking the Transformational Flame
  • Air: the Plane of Balance and Love
  • Ether: Express the Best of Who You Are
  • Light: Wisom of Elders, Spirit & Intuition
  • I AM: I Am Connected to All, I Am Part of it All

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West End | 836 Gardiners Rd, Kingston ON | 613 384 MIND (6463)


Downtown | 397 Princess St, Kingston ON | 613 384 SOUL (7685)


75 min class each week

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