Master Class: Yoga for Shovelling
Thursday Jan 16 @ 700pm

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Yoga for Shovelling

Incorporate these easy stretches and poses before going out to shovel, during shoveling and once you get back into your warm cozy home. Soon you’ll be making this Canadian ritual of moving snow around into a moving meditation. Let your spirit and body fall in love with the snowy wonder of winter again, just as you did as a child.


Don’t be intimidated by the word “master”, this is a class for all students looking to deepen their understanding about the practice from a specific topic, or point of reference.  There will be room for discussion and interaction if necessary depending on the scheduled style.


Master class events are FREE for all Infinity Membership holders.  Infinity Members are those that carry an unlimited recurring autopay membership with Samatva Yoga only.


- 7:00-8:30pm -
Beth Clark

Meet Beth Clark

“I love the sense of warm hearted community created in a yoga class when everyone focusses and moves together with the breath. This group energy leads to a synchronization through the cycles of (sometimes unforeseen) challenge and deep relaxation. To me, it feels like the rejuvenating rhythms of nature and helps me to remember that yoga is about “undoing.” This undoing ultimately reveals the wise intelligence inherent in our own bodies, an intelligence we can learn to depend on and trust.”

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