Master Class: Partner Yoga
Sunday February 16 @ 600pm

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Partner Yoga

Sunday, February 16
– 6:00-7:30pm –

Partner yoga is a fun practice where two people work mindfully together in a pose. This practice aims to be fun and playful, while at the same time can be very therapeutic, as mindful touch can be a huge stress reliever. Some of the practice will be partner-assisted stretches (you will get to take turns), while some sequencing will allow both partners a mutual benefit. So much of our regular practice we focus solely on ourselves. This practice will enhance your relationship skills in a positive and supportive environment.


Don’t be intimidated by the word “master”, this is a class for all students looking to deepen their understanding about the practice from a specific topic, or point of reference.  There will be room for discussion and interaction if necessary depending on the scheduled style.


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