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Member Obligations & Studio Behaviour

Arrive on time. We reserve the right to deny class entry to anyone, who arrives after the scheduled class start time.
Place shoes neatly on shelves or under coats depending on your studio location. Our floors are shoe free.
Check in BEFORE entering practice space with your membership card.
Lost or Forgotten Membership cards. A $5 fee is required to replace your card & will be done before taking class. One exception will be available per student. Photo id may be required.
You may not allow any other person to use your membership or its benefits. Doing so may result in suspension or cancellation, with any outstanding balance immediately due and payable.
Inform your teacher of any injuries or if you are new to yoga prior to each class.
Cell phone ringers MUST be turned off as soon as you check-in for class so as not to disturb other classes.
Studio practice rooms are silent. Enjoy this quiet time for your meditation &/or pranayama practice.
Align your mat to a sticker and prepare your spot with all props you may need. Not sure what? Ask your educator.
Nothing in the studio except items used directly in class. No personal belongings permitted in practice spaces.
Help out your friends. As a community member, please help those that look confused or unsure. Thanks!
Please keep noise and voices to a minimum while waiting for, or leaving classes.
Do not enter a class late or leave early without giving the teacher prior notice. We want to make sure you’re ok.
Attend class in good health (no colds/seasonal illnesses please) and in good hygiene.
You agree to abide by all Samatva Yoga rules, regulations and schedules which may be posted or verbally explained from time to time. These may be amended from time to time, at Samatva’s sole discretion.

Class Attendance + Online Reservations
Though you can sign up for classes online, you must ALWAYS check-in at the desk before 10 minutes before class begins otherwise you will be marked as a “late cancel” and you reservation released. All “late cancels” are subject to a $5 fee/class pass deduction for each occurrence and settled before next class. Samatva Yoga reserves the right to refuse online sign-ups at our discretion. We only allow 50% of class space to be reserved online in advance so we always have room from walk-ins. Class reservations can be made up to 2 weeks in advance and you can remove yourself via your MBO account up to 1 hour before class starts. No class reservations/cancellation via email or phone. Our system automatically processes accounts in arrears every 30 days to your card on file.

Valuables & Personal Property
Samatva shall not be liable for the loss of or theft of, or damage to, the personal property of member or guests, including items left in lockers, at the advisor desk or elsewhere in the studio. Please avoid bringing valuables onto studio premises.

Mat Storage | Active Memberships Only
While we love to offer you mat storage, please understand that space is limited and you leave your mat at the studio as your own risk. Samatva Yoga will not be responsible for lost or stolen mats. All mats are to be tagged with updated and active status. One mat per Infinity Membership included FREE. If you use multiple studio locations a $10/monthly fee is applicable for additional mats. Mat storage is $10/month all other passes. Mats must be taken home during holds and may be considered abandoned and subject to donation without contact. All mats left 14 days after cancellation will also be considered abandoned.

From time to time, Samatva Yoga shoots images and video of classes, workshops and other events. As part of our community, you hereby provide Samatva Yoga the right and permission to use your name, image or likeness in its sole discretion for promotional, advertising and marketing purposes.

YOUR GUESTS ATTEND FOR FREE | 1st Visit with Infinity Members – New students Only
A benefit of the Infinity Membership only. Members can invite a guest to attend a class with them as often as you’d like! All Guests must check in with their Member. No Guest will be admitted free of charge to a class without the Member in attendance. Guests MUST be new to Samatva Yoga. Samatva reserves the right, in its discretion, to prevent any guest from using the studio.


general questions & etiquette

New students at Samatva Yoga have 3 different unique opportunities to begin their yoga practice.

Beginners Foundation Series | $99-145

Starting a yoga practice can be both exciting and sometimes intimidating. We always recommend taking the Beginners Foundations Series. This 6-week program will give you great understanding in the fundamentals of the practice, modifications for physical limitations/injuries and philosophy (including meditation, pranayama (breath exercises) & class-styles (which is right for you?). Enjoy one-on-one instruction with the same teacher and group of participants at the same time each week . For many, this will keep you accountable in the starting process with a weekly class. PLUS be sure to do the Add-In Unlimited option! It’s a steal!

View Upcoming start dates
Yoga 101 – 2 Hour Crash Course | $25

Are you interested in yoga, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re already a weekend warrior and want to learn more about this ancient practice? Either way, our Yoga 101 course is for you!  Our two-hour immersion is perfect for anyone new to yoga or those who want a fresh look at the basics.

We teach the fundamentals of a sound yoga practice, including foundational alignment in postures and breath. This workshop will give you a chance to practice, to ask questions and to receive guidance from our knowledgeable staff.

View Upcoming start dates
Introductory Offer Prana Pass | Unlimited month $39

Grab the Introductory Offer | Prana Pass (new students only) and get going unlimited right away! As we are interdisciplinary and have many educators, we allow time for you to try us out. You do not need to do the Beginners Course, however, it is proven that you will remain more committed is you have a better understanding of why you do what you do.

While we always recommend the Beginners Series to start, a list of our more gentle/slower/open & beginner level classes View Beginners Friendly Class Styles


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